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Accommodation in Egypt

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Accommodation can take many forms or types in Egypt from which international students can choose the most convenient ones:

  • Monthly rent for 85m2, , furnished in expensive area: $400
  • Monthly rent for 85m2  , furnished in normal area:     $250
  • Utilities monthly payment (heating, electricity, gas, for two people in 85m2 flat: $30
  • Monthly rent for a 45m2, , furnished studio in expensive area: $400
  • Monthly rent for a 45m2, , furnished in normal area: $140
  • Utilities for one month (heating, electricity, gas) for one person in a 45m2 studio: $20
  • Internet for one month- 8mbps: $13

In Egypt, they are very responsible for finding a suitable accommodation for international students, so it is important to think about the type of accommodation you will be most convenient to stay in with many opportunities available for students to choose from.

There are here in Egypt a number of types of accommodation such as: a host family, hostels, apartments, student halls, residential colleges and private properties. Your home during studying in Egypt will make a difference on your overall well-being; either on your health, or programs of your university.

Staying in on-campus accommodation, or with a local family, will give you a good chance to find supporting people around you. On the other hand, living with some friends in a rental property can be a choice of the most cost – saving options, but it means that you will be, most of your time, in touch with other people which may penetrate your own privacy.

Notes to be taken seriously while staying in accommodation in Egypt:

Clean up after using kitchen facility.

Refill the roll of toilet after each usage.

Flush the toilet after each use.

Take your partners opinion before bringing or borrowing any item.

Find a suitable way in paying different bills.

Set instructions for using communal areas.

Normally, the apartments in Egypt are self-catering, so students have to help themselves by themselves in doing cooking and chores, but there are many local amenities like cafes, restaurants, shops and transportation facilities which are very close and not far from students' staying, when they are in need of any help.