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Accommodation in Malaysia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

There are lots of types of accommodation so that they can suit for each student’s desires and budgets:

  • Halls of Residence: COST= USD 130 to USD 150 Per Month
  • Hostels: COST= USD 28 to USD 68 Per Week
  • Room at Private Dormitory Affiliated with Universities: COST= US$ 1087 Three Months Rent Bills included
  • One Room at Shared Apartment: COST= USD 55 to USD 123 Per Month
  • Private Apartment With Two Rooms: COST= USD 460 to USD 767 Per Month Bills Included
  • One Bedroom Apartment in Main Cities: COST= USD 470

The cost of accommodation is based on location and type of facilities. The internet and utilities' bills are included in the rent. The accommodation’s cost in city centres is more expensive than those located outside city centres;nevertheless, transportation costs are saved in city centres.

International students are satisfied with having low living costs in Malaysia; the costs for living in on campus or out of campus are convenient and can be less expensive than living in private ones.

Accommodation cost is between $80 to 200 a month depending on the type of living and location.On the other hand, The government offer on campus accommodation for foreign students first before local students, as international students have not yet coped with local residents and the country's places..

Foreign students can call the university office of accommodation in the university in advance, before entering Malaysia, and students will be guided to what type of facilities and accommodation in their on campus living offered by the office.

The on campus accommodation is divided into two types:

Residence halls: They are ranked first in having  single rooms or shared rooms based on students’ budgets. The facilities related to these types of accommodation include  private bathrooms, free internet, furnished rooms, study tables and terraces.

The shared rooms include  shared kitchens, laundry rooms, sitting rooms, study rooms, GYM, air conditioning, cameras, swimming pool in some facilities and parking area for bicycles.

The monthly cost varies between $30 to 150. Foreign students must apply for on campus living upon receiving an acceptance letter from the concerned university.

Also, in Malaysia there are lots of hostels having similar facilities as university dormitories. The cost is between $30 to 50 per week. Private facilities cost students from $70 to 150 per month without including different bills in the rent. In the end, we advise foreign students to check out every accommodation’s facilities of different kinds before signing contracts, to make sure everything in the rent is working well.