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Arriving in Egypt

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Foreign students should not carry the following things on arrival to Egypt: Narcotics, drugs, cotton, live or frozen birds or any product derived from birds, firearms and sporting guns.

A foreign student entering Egypt needs to have a tourist visa lasting for 30 days, and then after they arrive in on campus for the purpose of orientation, they must abide by the given instructions on how to buy a student visa from the Business Support Office.

A foreign student has to arrange with the concerned university in Egypt, after which a driver will be sent to the airport to pick them up to their residences.

There are a net of buses running around the clock covering most Cairo's quarters. The international student orientation is prepared a week before the start of university programs.

During these times they can get ID cards and student visas, taking placement exams and completing whatever relates to registration; taking a campus tour will give them a good chance to know about different campus whereabouts.

The university courses are offered in English language, and for those who have no knowledge in the Arabic language, the university provides a non-degree course in Arabic language, which is optional, intensive course of Egyptian colloquial Arabic of 20 hours, the cost of which is $300 paid upon arrival.

Requirements upon arrival

  • a Student visa
  • Negative results – COVID-19
  • a Letter of acceptance from the respected university
  • a Certificate of qualification to enter university
  • a Valid passport

Opening a Bank Account

In general, foreign students are required to produce the following documents to be allowed to open a bank account in Egypt:

  • Your valid visa student.
  • Passport-size identity photos.
  • Your passport (original and copy), including your visa.
  • The minimum deposit (as determined by the chosen bank)
  • A duly filled and signed form (on the spot)

Internet and Mobile phones

An Egyptian SIM card cost is almost $1 in Vodafone, Orange, Eti sat, and a package of 1GB valid for a week the cost of which is only $1. The internet is very slow in Egypt produced by about seven companies, whereby the fastest speed reaches 100 Mbps.

Transportation System

In terms of transportation, Cairo’s Metro system is, by far, the best and most effective way to travel by, and trains can carry passengers to a number of hotspots like Egyptian museum and those established in Coptic Cairo..

Egypt has a very good transportation system which has been well-developed and renovated; buses are available all over the area of Cairo, and are reliable in being the main means of transportation for lots of people there. Furthermore, The Nile River is used for transporting goods and people between different cities and to multiple destinations.