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High Education System in Egypt

High Education System in Egypt

High Education System in Egypt

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Egypt hosts some of the most efficient universities worldwide, where the culture is impacted by Arab, African and Mediterranean cultures. The tuition fees are cheaper than any university having the same level of higher education around the world.

Undergraduate studies tuition fees vary between $1300 to 8500 every year. In terms of postgraduate studies, the tuition fees vary between $2000 to 8500.

Some areas in Egypt are considered dangerous, thus foreign students must avoid going to some destinations in the country as there is a great risk to travel there.

Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research plans to allocate millions of dollars to facilitate the process of hosting many more international students, so that Egypt can generate much more money which, in turn, will increase in huge contribution to Egyptian economic figure.

 In the first hand, students are basically come from: Kuwait, Palestine’ Jordan, Sudan, Syria, Bahrain, China and Malaysia who are registered in subjects concerning theoretical and practical courses including: medicine, science, engineering, technology, religious programs, social and humanities.

Egypt is very interested in attracting international students at Egyptian universities, so that they can make use of relatively low tuition fees and accommodation expenses, besides Egypt is believed to be a popular tourist region.

The capital of Egypt, Cairo, rises up to occupy the rank of 88 out of 100 best destinations for students to study at, because of affordability, satisfaction, university ranking, employer activity, desirability and its people's kindness.

According to 2014 statistics, Egypt ranked 19 out of 20 countries drawing up foreign students to their universities. To make it easy for international students to enroll in Egypt’s universities, Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research released an international students’ website, which empower foreign students to apply for all universities on line and get data about admission. On 16 of September 2016, the international students’ website was released.

The role of cultural offices is always boosted at Egyptian embassies overseas in offering good information about the nature of high education in Egypt, and establishing of additional universities, clubs, societies and organizations to facilitate students’ meetings with each other, and feel comfortable as if they were at home.