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Higher Education system in Malaysia

Higher Education system in Malaysia

Higher Education system in Malaysia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Malaya University, Putra University,, Kebangsaan University, Sains University and Teknology University are the five public universities in Malaysia which are responsible for doing different types of researches.

The term of university ranges from September to the middle of January; the term 2 starts from the date of end of February to the end of August/ as of start of September. Final exams last for 3 weeks: During last days of December/ middle of January and in the middle of June till the end of it.

The undergraduate degrees in Malaysia last for four to five years, based on the program to be studied at university. There are a number of modes that are used in the educational process aiming at satisfying various learning modes of each student.

Some universities in Malaysia are in need of foreign students to complete an extra year to obtain the Honours Degree. A degree program lasts for 3 years in Malaysia, Australia and the UK; while in the USA and Canada, it lasts for 4 years to finish.

If international students are searching for a country of being safe to study, Malaysia occupies 29th rank on the most peaceful country list worldwide, in a list of 163 countries.

If any international student is looking for an industry programs, a diploma is very suitable and can be realized by any student: This industry degree means skills that are important in any career and the practices and different accountabilities that are sufficient to be good to a high level in any industry students searching for; while a bachelor degree is a higher level competence.

A diploma competence is the number of learning credits a student will  have to study and look forward to achieving in the course. Also, a diploma has many levels: level-1, level-2, level-3...

There are 20 public institutions of higher education in Malaysia. These institutions offer education of good quality for foreign students who are fast to come to Malaysia as it has been rising to be preferable to most of international students.

The higher institutions in Malaysia are considered within the top200 universities worldwide. More than 100 respected universities in Malaysia provide foreign students with high recognized education in more than 151 university curriculum.

Malaysia has achieved a good forward step in having a respected rank among Singapore, Japan and Korea by getting it placed in the fourth rank in Asia, Singapore at 9th, Japan at 19th and Korea at 22nd.