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Living Expenses in Malaysia

Living Expenses in Malaysia

Living Expenses in Malaysia

Published on 23-Jun-2021


Students living in on campus accommodation in Malaysia will save the costs of traveling from and to the university; on the other hand, students who choose to live in private accommodation will pay approximately $15 on transportation facilities, as private living places are far from universities.


Let us give you some basic prices for essential needs any foreign student is looking for:

  • Basic menu meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant: USD 2.41
  • Basic menu meal for two persons in normal restaurant: USD 14.46
  • One time meal in McDonalds and Big Mac: USD 3.13
  • Half Liter Coca Cola or Pepsi Bottle: USD 0.55
  • 1 Liter water bottle: USD 0.32
  • 1 Liter milk bottle: USD 1.64
  • Loaf of bread (White): USD 0.78
  • 1 Kg rice: USD 0.93
  • Dozen eggs: USD 1.23
  • 1 Kg Chicken boneless: USD 2.94
  • 1 Kg Beef meat: USD 6.19
  • 1 Kg Apples: USD 2.29
  • 1 Kg Bananas: USD 1.24
  • 1 Kg Oranges: USD 2.12
  • 1 Kg Tomatoes: USD 1.03
  • 1 Kg Onions: USD 0.88

Other Expenditures:

  • Internet bill per month: USD 34.50
  • Utilities Bills (Electricity, Gas, Water) Per Month: USD 44.59
  • 1 Cinema Ticket: USD 3.61
  • Joining Gym or Fitness Club: USD 35.30 Per Month
  • Books and Stationary: USD 12.50 to USD 25 Per Month
  • Laundry Expenses: USD 19 Per Month

So students on average need to have each year for living expenses an amount of $4000; which is equal to $80 a week, most of which goes to accommodation.

Compared to other big similar universities in the world; Malaysia provides good education at low and affordable tuition fees between $400 to 700 per year.

The living expenses in Malaysia are considered to be suitable matching different budgets of foreign students, as foreign students have discounts on essential commodities, transportation, entertaining tours and book prices which have foreign students be at ease that reflect on their study advancement.

Living expenses for international students in Malaysia can be convenient as most basic things are in between hands, which are available and in abundance to suit different types of foreign students’ budgets while studying in Malaysia in big universities that are similar to worldwide well-known universities for competitive education.