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Studying in Malaysia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

Studying in Malaysia

International students studying in Malaysia pays between $600 to 900 per year for undergraduate studies. Postgraduate studies will cost international students between $1000 to 1500 per year.

International students can look for cheap universities’ tuition fees  in Malaysia, in addition to scholarships for all programs: Undergraduate and postgraduate studies offered by Malaysian government for superiors and students in need but under certrain conditions.

The best universities in Malaysia

International students desiring to study in Malaysia have to be able to speak English fluently, as all courses are taught in English, and some universities need students to have an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL or IELTS, which international students can take in their mother countries.

International students should know that most universities in Malaysia do not require students to submit any admission exams, just foreign students can apply using their high school diploma.

Furthermore, if any international student is not good in mastering English language, many colleges in Malaysia provide English proficiency classes to improve their English for better, and not to forget that the better way to master English language is to practice it by having English speakers around in on campus of Malaysian universities.

To be a student in one of Malaysian Universities, foreign students should select an institution and type of course they want to study in Malaysia, as requirements can vary from one university to another, so they must check in advance, before they apply.

General requirements to submit to Malaysian universities:

  • An official letter of acceptance from your University
  • A filled-in Student Application form
  • Three photos of you, passport-sized
  • Two photocopies of your passport
  • A copy of your medical health examination report

 As soon as a foreign student application is accepted to study, the university will apply for a student pass, as the Immigration Department will check the application form, after which a Student Pass Approval letter will be sent.