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Working in Egypt

Published on 23-Jun-2021

International students in Egypt cannot often work during their time of studying, as most of universities in Egypt offer scholarships in relation to merit and need.

However, there are some jobs for foreign students in Egypt which are likely to help for different payments other than fees:

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Supermarket cashiers.
  • Working as a volunteer for NGOs.
  • Data Entry.
  • Debt Collection.
  • English Teaching.
  • Computer jobs.

International students can find out jobs of part-time at college premises such as: Cafes, library, administration department. In addition, students can search for nearby jobs out of colleges or residences to save time and effort.

International students can interact with their peers and consult them where the appropriate place to work at is. Part-time jobs in Egypt are good choices available for foreign students, as these jobs will add more experience and financial help.

Many companies in Egypt are always in searching for young, talented students to increase their revenues rapidly, because they are certain that those kinds of people are energetic and ambitious.

Companies also like gas stations offer part-time jobs opportunities outside colleges’ campuses, or news papers delivery. These part-time jobs out of campus range from news paper advertisements to classified or social media...

In this regard, senior students can help in getting information or having good relations with Egyption people and employers to make it easy to employ new coming students. The outcomes of these jobs are not enough to support students to pay for tuition fees, but any way, this amount of money can pay for food, bills, or other expenses. Furthermore, students can make some pocket money while studying at different universities.

The future job depends upon your previous experience or your qualifications. Not to forget that part-time jobs will grant foreign students new skills of communications, learning new dialects and give foreign students a fair opportunity to interact with residents.

Doing this, your relations will widely expand which in return, most of the time, open lots of chances to change your part-time job to another one to better improve their skills as work basically relies on relations more than anything else.

International students can work in academic studies by giving private tutorial sessions when they are confident in figuring out their programs at the university, so they can hold like these sessions to their peers among international students themselves, or even Egyptian students who are seeking for somebody to help them pass their exams.