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Working in Malaysia

Published on 23-Jun-2021

In Malaysia foreign students can work part-time work up to 20 hours each week while they are in semester breaks or holidays of more than a week; they will have vacancies in mini markets, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, hostels provided that the Student Pass is valid, but they are not allowed to work as cashiers.

Part-time jobs for foreign students are another chance available for students to make some pocket money like teaching, making small businesses such as preparing accommodation for the coming students to gain in return some money...

Also, foreign students can earn some money by working while studying in Malaysia such as:

  • Freelancer
  • Setting blogs
  • Marketing
  • Being a u-tuber

All of these opportunities are restricted to certain conditions foreign students have to abide by to be a successful student in Malaysia, and to be at the safe side.

Foreign students can earn money without being employed like taking care of pets, using creative skills, working online for people, writing online surveys...

Malaysian Immigration Department has set some limitations for international students working in Malaysia:

  • Students can work for 20 hours based on their holidays.
  • Student Visa Officer must be consulted by foreign students before starting their jobs.
  • The student visa is subjected to be revoked if students are involved in unofficial jobs.

Foreign students studying in Malaysia are permitted to work while:

  • They are in holidays
  • They are in terms breaks
  • They are on holidays of more than 7 days.

Foreign students are not permitted to take up the following jobs in Malaysia:

  • Singer
  • Cashier
  • Musician
  • Officer of guest relations

How to apply for a part-time job

Documents needed:

  • Valid passport
  • An employer telephone number and letter from him
  • Approval letter from the concerned institution
  • Application processing time which is from 10-15 days
  • Processing fee : $30