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    At EF Education First, we believe that the world is better when people try to understand one another. Since 1965, EF has helped millions of people see new places, experience new cultures, and learn new things about the world and about themselves.

    Academic study
    Earn a degree, certificate, or credential.
    We offer degree programs at secondary, university, and post-graduate levels. Students who attend our schools go on to study at the world’s best universities. We are also associated with Hult International Business School, renowned for its top-ranked graduate and undergraduate programs.

    Educational travel
    Turn the world into your classroom
    EF leads expertly guided tours to the world’s greatest sights and landscapes. Itineraries are tailored to the needs of teachers and students at all levels. We also develop adventures and travel experiences for people of all ages and interests.

    Learn a language
    Communicate with the world in 10+ languages
    An EF language course can help you talk to the world, in English and other widely spoken languages. We have fully accredited schools in 50 of the world’s most exciting cities, as well as EF English Live – the world’s largest online English school.

    Cultural exchange
    Experience life as a local
    Our exchange programs give young adults the chance to experience America as a local. Host families provide safe and secure homes in US communities for our high school students choosing to study for a year abroad.

    Destinations & Schools

    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    United States of America