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    Bachelor of Information Technology
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    Bachelor of Information Technology

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    Australia, Townsville

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    Next Intake DeadlinesSeptember-2024
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    Duration 3 years
    Tuition Fee
    AUD 34,120  / year
    Next Intake September-2024

    Bachelor of Information Technology


    Cultivate an in-depth knowledge of software development and management, web design, internet fundamentals and database modelling. Your understanding of these core pillars of information technology will prepare you for a future-proof career in technical systems. Gain practical knowledge through internships, workshops and project-based assessments as you learn from expert academics and industry partners.

    Learn how to use your digital dexterity to identify and diagnose technical issues, create solutions and improve technical systems. As you study the fundamentals of problem-solving and programming, the strategies behind design thinking and the need for information processing, you’ll be equipped to help your future workplace run smoothly and innovatively.

    In the Bachelor of Information Technology degree, you will study essential core subjects such as Web Design and Development, Internet Fundamentals, Database Modelling, and Collective Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.

    Not only does JCU Information Technology equip you with an in-depth understanding of technical systems and design thinking, but it also gives you a unique opportunity to put your knowledge and skills to the test at JCU’s annual IT Design Sprint. The two-day event brings together students and industry professionals, challenging you to collectively analyse a real-world problem with your peers then design and partially implement a practical, creative solution. The attending industry professionals — who partner with JCU — are there to help you spark new ideas and carve out their potential. The annual design sprint will sharpen your skills of creating, imaging, generating, iterating, communicating and consolidating — all vital abilities of an expert IT professional.

    Students who are based in Townsville and have completed at least one year of their degree are eligible to apply for an Australian Public Service Academy Campus position. With opportunities in the Digital and Data spheres, you can align your studies to part-time work, that may translate into a full-time job offer upon graduation. Explore the APS Data and Digital Programs page for more information.

    Take your skill development even further through work integrated learning (WIL). Near the end of your degree, you can choose from three WIL subjects: a professional internship, a multidisciplinary project, or an independent project. The professional internship will connect you to one of JCU’s partnering organisations and you’ll complete 100 hours of work placement as well as assignments that reflect your work during the internship. The multidisciplinary subject requires you to partner with students undertaking a different degree to collaborate on a joint project as a shared assessment. The independent project is appropriate for students who are already working in the IT industry, as you will work with your manager to create and complete a project that contributes to both your professional role as well as this subject’s assessment.

    The combination of real-world experience and in-depth learning you gain in this degree prepares you to be job-ready upon graduation. The connections that you make during placements and professional projects have the potential to lead to employment opportunities post-graduation.

    View the Handbook for a detailed overview of available subjects.

    Additional information

    About JCU's Bachelors Degree in Information Technology

    You understand technology and know how to use it, but you want to know more. You want to solidify your Information Technology skills and use them to build a career and improve the world. Be ready to take on the fast-changing field of Information Technology with your Bachelor of Information Technology from James Cook University.

    A World-Class Information Technology Degree for a Cutting-Edge Industry

    Study alongside those who share your vision for what Information Technology can do to improve businesses, the work of scientists and engineers, and the life of the average person. In your Bachelor of IT studies at JCU, learn from lecturers committed to student success in a program closely-aligned with Australian Computer Society standards.

    You will master the essential knowledge and best practices needed to build a thriving career. Leaders in Design Thinking, JCU’s lecturers and tutors will develop you as an innate problem solver and innovative thinker.

    Learn how to approach and solve complex technology problems. You will be adept in building programs and developing websites, apps and artificial intelligence algorithms. Demand grows exponentially for IT graduates, learn about the rapid developments in technology and turn your interests into a rewarding career.

    You will also have the opportunity to minor in education curriculum, governance and society, the internet of things, computer science and networking, or games design. You can use your minor to focus your studies in a particular direction or give you more career options.

    A Bachelor of Information Technology with Endless Possibilities

    The world of IT changes quickly. A bachelor's degree in information technology from JCU will equip you with the skills to adapt and thrive in a competitive industry.

    As well as critical thinking skills, you will learn how to effectively communicate with colleagues and other professionals in your workplace.

    As you work towards your information technology degree, build your understanding of the ethical considerations that impact those in the Information Technology world. Develop a thorough sense of social responsibility when considering ethical issues such as client and customer privacy, data security, storage and collection.

    A degree like a BA in information technology expands your career prospects. Upon graduation, you will be highly sought after in various tech-based industries.

    With a Bachelor of Information Technology from JCU, you could work as a systems analyst, a software developer, or a game designer. You could develop or test mobile apps, work in web design or design simulations for a broad range of technical or scientific fields. You could also use your Bachelor of Technology to work as a manager, administrator, consultant, or teacher.

    Experience Is Everything

    Experience has no substitute, and when you study IT at JCU, you will work alongside lecturers and tutors committed to student success. JCU offers real-world experience with projects in companies leading the way in information technology solutions. You could work in industry placement positions or design projects based on workplace situations.

    Throughout your degree, build your resume and enhance your professional connections. As you work toward your information technology degree, you will gain confidence in your abilities, and see how your skills complement those of your teammates.

    Whether you want to start your own business, sign on with a multinational corporation, or enjoy the flexibility of freelance work, you will graduate from JCU with the experience and skills employers are looking for.

    Study IT and Forge Your Own Path

    Working in IT demands both collaboration and independent work skills. Your Bachelor of Information Technology with JCU equips you with both. In your final year, you can choose to do a professional internship, work on a multidisciplinary project, or create your own independent project to showcase your strengths.

    You know Information Technology is your passion, and you have the drive to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow. Choose a Bachelor of Information Technology from JCU and be ready for an exciting, dynamic future.
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    Inherent requirements

    Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Information Technology.


    The Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) degree is available for high-achieving students. It consists of extra study and the development of a personal research project and thesis. An Honours degree is usually essential for entry to research higher degrees. Refer to the Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Handbook for eligibility information.

    This course provides a foundation of Information Technology and Information System skills for entrants with limited IT experience. It also provides opportunities for experienced Information Technology and Systems professionals to enhance and apply their skills within emerging technology driven growth areas.

    You will learn how to apply Information Systems and Technologies in meeting current business needs in a real-world environment by integrating theoretical learnings with the practical application and experiences learnt through working on projects with real clients.

    You will graduate with relevant practical experiences to help you hit the ground running into a successful and exciting career in your chosen field.

    MITS also provides an optional opportunity for high achieving students to qualify to participate in a research project, offering valuable experience for your future career, or potentially being the first step on your path to a PhD.


    Entry Requirements

    Recommended Knowledge

    English (Units 3/4,C), General Maths or Mathematical Methods (Units 3/4,C)

    English language requirements

    Band 1

    If your native language is not English, you must meet the minimum English language requirements for this course.

    English Program Requirements

    International students must attain an IELTS Academic with an average level of 7.5 or more, across the four components of listening, speaking, reading and writing; no score below level 7.0 in any of these components; and a score of 8.0 or more in the components of speaking and listening. Internationally schooled applicants may also be required to meet this requirement.

    English competency requirements may also be satisfied through completion of one of the following:

    • Bachelor degree or master degree from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the USA, or
    • Undergraduate degree taught in English from a South African University.


    JCU Information Technology graduates are ready to make a difference in a range of industry sectors.

    You could pursue a career in a multinational corporation, a government department, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME), or even in your own business. You could work in areas such as software development, design and enterprise IT.

    You could work as a network administrator, designer, systems analyst, or software developer.

    Graduates are eligible to become an Associate Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

    Fee Information

    +estimated annual tuition fee for a full-time study load

    Plus Student Services and Amenities fee
    Scholarships and financial aid available if eligible

    Tuition Fee

    AUD 34,120 

    How to Apply

    STEP 1: Choose and research your course

    STEP 2: Prepare your documents

    STEP 3: Lodge your application

    STEP 4: Accept your offer

    James Cook University

    Bachelor of Information Technology

    James Cook University

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