ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)

    ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)

    ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)

    ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)

    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom , Guildford
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    ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)


    Our learning by doing ethos helps simplify how the industry works and produces a clear view of career paths and options. This clear and practical approach accelerates learning. The detailed exposure to all aspects of the industry as it happens (live!) reveals options and destinations, which greatly assists our students in making clear choices and building the maps they need to guide them there.

    If you are a producer you will know that you need a fundamental grasp on song structure and songwriting, but you also fundamentally need to know about revenue streams and intellectual property, from which you will draw income.

    You will also need to understand how your music is monetised through live performance, songwriting credits and publishing, including sync and licensing. We will teach you all of this comprehensively at ACM by linking you with the teams that do this every day at Metropolis.

    Equally, you could be a drummer, whose primary focus is performing and gaining as much experience as possible by playing sessions. In this case, you still need to understand how you get paid, and how, if you are influencing a track, you may potentially be co-writing it and aiding the creation of a product. In this case, session playing actually becomes writing.

    You will need to know the difference in how you get paid for playing and writing. While you are learning, you will be building your portfolio, and we will help you understand how to leverage the body of work you create to build your own fan base, rather than just being a jobbing musician. This maximises your employability as a professional musician by making what you do desirable by simply marketing yourself as the primary asset. We will teach you this as we have the best industry professionals in place doing this every day.

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