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    It is located 150 km north-west of Melbourne – the state capital - close to the geographical centre of the state. The Aboriginal residents of the city are the Dja Dja Wurrung (Djaara) residents.

    The languages of these people are Dadja wurrung and Ngurari-illamwurrung, both of which are related to Kulin nation. The area of Bendigo is estimated at 287.4 km2, on which lives a population of over 111,000 people called “Bendigonians”.

     The dominant nationalities in the city are English and Australian, with minorities of Irish, Scottish and German and others who are considered not to be significant.

    The area used to be as a sheep station, but it was changed in 1851 into a boomtown which is the largest in the region on the back drop of discovering gold.

    The discoveries in the city concentrated the Victorian gold rush, which, in turn, lots of migrations from every worldwide destination came to it, especially from Europe and China.

    From 1853 till 1891, Bendigo was formally known by the name Sandhurst because Bendigo had been one of the biggest gold-mining economies in the east of Australia during 19th century when the revenues generated at that time are used nowadays in the city’s Victorian architectural heritage.

    The name “Bendigo” came from a local shepherd, who was known for boxing, “so given the same nickname as the most popular Englishman. Abednego William Thompson’s nickname of “Bendigo” by which he was publicly known; such was his fame that a local shepherd as he was skillful boxer, the city was called Bendigo in his honour.


    Living Expenses in Bendigo

    The living expenses in Bendigo in a month reach to be at $1479, which is in the top 30% of the highest cities’ prices in the globe in occupying the rank 2779th out of 9294 in the whole world list and 52nd out of 64 in the whole country.

    But the workers are paid well enough to cover their daily expenses, especially when we are talking about international students who can study and work, as the city is believed to be 2806th in the list of good places to study and live in the world, and 33rd most suitable city in Australia. It is the 20th largest city of Australian cities.

    Lists of Living Expenses in Bendigo in dollars

    1479 Total with rent
    654 Without rent
    825 Rent and Utilities
    469 Food


      Eating Out
    13 Lunch Menu
    55.6 Dinner in a Restaurant for 2
    5.50 Beer in a Pub, 0.5 L
    2.97 Cappuccino

    Pepsi, Coke, 0.5 L

      Rent and Utilities
    689 1bedroom apartment in Downtown, 40 m2
    600 Cheap 1bedroom apartment, 40m2
    1250 3bedroom apartment in Downtown, 80m2
    881 Cheap 3bedroom apartment, 80m2
    145 Utility Bill, 1person, electricity, water...
    226 Utility Bill for a Family, electricity, water...
    62.5 Internet Plan, 50 Mbps, 1month
    3.74% Mortgage Interest Rate for 20 Years
    4809 Apartment price to buy in city centre, 1m2

    House price to buy in Suburbs, 1m

    2.26 Local transport ticket
    69.9 Local transport, Monthly ticket
    13.6 Taxi Ride, 8km

    Gas, Petrol, 1L

    1.08 Milk, 1L
    2.22 Bread, 0.5 kg
    2.09 Rice, 1kg
    3.34 Eggs, 12 eggs
    5.93 Cheese, 1kg
    8.17 Chicken Breast, 1kg
    11.2 Round Steak, 1kg
    2.99 Apples, 1kg
    1.95 Banana, 1kg
    2.02 Oranges, 1kg
    4.61 Tomato, 1kg
    1.89 Potato, 1kg
    1.39 Onion, 1kg
    0.99 Water,1L
    2.32 Coke, Pepsi, 2L
    14.8 Wine,750mL, mid price
    2.57 Beer, 0.5L
    19.1 Cigarette Pack
    7.5 Cold medicine, 1week
    4.37 Hair Shampoo
    2.52 4rolls, Toilet paper

    Toothpaste, 1tube

    38.5 Gym membership, 1month
    13.2 Cinema Ticket, 1person
    51.6 Doctor’s visit
    15.3 Haircut, simple
    82.7 Jeans, Brand
    101 Brand Sneakers
    731 Daycare or Preschool, 1month


    International Primary School, 1year 


    The Culture of Bendigo

    The music Festival, live shows around the year at Ulumbarra Theatre, Chinese culture having penetrated Bendigo since the discovery of gold: The Golden Dragon Museum and events like Chinese New Year maintain traditions and stories radiant.

    Bendigo is the place where Victoria’s premier arts in the region, and a district having ancient culture. The Art Gallery exhibition in View Street, Street Art discovered on foot: Modern and historic sculpture, murals on city walls and installations of different structures.

    Bendigo is known for its potteries, it is the considered the centre for making ceramic in Victoria. The Bendigo well-known Pottery is believed to be constructed in 1858, as the potteries in the region date back to the 1850S.


    Weather and Environment of Bendigo

    Summer days in the city are warm, dry, while climate in winters is cold and partly cloudy. Over the months of the year, the temperatures normally vary between 50C (400F) and 290C (850F), and is seldom to be under 50C (330F) or more than 370C (980F). The Mediterranean weather prevails in the city. Nevertheless, rain does normally exist around the year, with the most quantities in winter.

    The nice park has been founded to make yourself interested in tulips and easily walk along the pathways leading to the Art Gallery radiant sunshine. The bodies of water are safe and amazing when you visit accompanied with your family or just wander around the lake while enjoying beautiful environment.

    Visit the Botanic gardens having modern playgrounds for kids; and the wetland holding green trees while watching coloured birds no matter what time it is.


    Working in Bendigo

    The courses provided for students in Bendigo’s universities have good contents to provide students with practical and industry relevant skills that aid in making students be ready to enter the workforce market faster, upgrade their existing skills and furthermore in having students prepared for further study.

    The staff specialized in helping international students collaborates with a number of employers of many industries to make sure that the courses are in coping with and up to date with the recent workplace issues.

    International students are permitted to work for 40 hours during study times at Bendigo’s Universities, and for unlimited hours during holidays and study breaks approved by universities.

    The Districts of Bendigo

    Bendigo's suburbs include Ascot, California Gully, Eagle hawk, Eagle hawk North, East Bendigo, Epsom, Ironbark, Flora Hill, Golden Square, Golden Gully, Long lea, Junortoun, Kangaroo Flat, Kenning ton, Long Gully, Maiden Gully, North Bendigo, Quarry Hill, Sailors Gully, Spring Gully, Strathdale, Strathfieldsaye.

    The Universities in Bendigo

    The 10 BEST Colleges & Universities near Bendigo Victoria

    • Monash University
    • Management Institute of Australia
    • Bendigo Regional College of TAFE - Bendigo Campus
    • Graphic Design and Multimedia
    • Bendigo TAFE (Technical and Further Education)
    • Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE - Charleston Road Campus
    • Bendigo Technical Education College.