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    Ajloun National University in Jordan
    Ajloun National University in Jordan

    Ajloun National University in Jordan 

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    Ajloun National University in Jordan

    Ajloun National University in Jordan

    Jordan, 'Ajlun
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      +962 7 9111 0195
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      [email protected]
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      Jordan - Ajlun - Irbid Ajlun Road - Ras Muneef - Near Irhaba Triangle

    About Ajloun National University in Jordan

    Established in 2008, Ajloun National University (ANU) is a private university located in 'Ajlun, Jordan.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    Ajloun National University was established, with deliberate and wise steps, in the midst of this green governorate, surrounded by mountains and valleys, that is rooted in history and civilization. ANU contributes to raising the suitable level of university education, as well as providing our dear homeland with scientific and knowledge potentials. Moreover, it has a qualified staff with advanced capabilities and effective educational experiences, taking into account the standards, laws, and regulations governing the high-end educational process, nationally and internationally, especially related to developing effective and productive intellectual and scientific structures at the same time.

    Ajloun National University places its top priority on attracting Jordanian, Arab and foreign students in the stages available to it:
    These are undergraduate and postgraduate studies and, at the same time, it seeks to expand in some of the specializations that the labor market needs.

    All this ambition comes from the belief of university administrators in pursuing the movement of development , cultural and knowledge communication, locally, regionally and internationally.

    In its plans and strategies , the university also seeks to communicate with the local community, which is the main contributor to the university, among the young generation who are eager for science and knowledge and are keen to promote the society. This requires special care and active follow-up. The university has the mission of educating and raising awareness of this generation. Hence, the university has created appropriate conditions and a creative environment by preparing advanced programs and curricula in accordance with the vision and noble mission of the university.In order to join the procession of contemporary civilized education, ANU has gained membership in the Association of Arab Universities, and it is a member of many prestigious Arab and international organizations, all of this is in line with the message of the victorious Hashemite leadership, constantly supporting science and scholars, headed by His Majesty King Abdullah II May God protect him


    A leading university in building a knowledge society, advancing scientific research, and providing distinguished community services to reach the ranks of advanced universities.

    The message

    Providing high-quality academic programs to prepare a qualified human resource that meets the future needs of the labor market, scientific research related to community problems, and providing an attractive university environment.

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