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    MEF University

    MEF University

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    MEF University

    MEF University

    Turkey , Istanbul
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      About MEF University

      Established in 2014, MEF University is a public university located in Istanbul, Turkey.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

      National and pioneer of quality education in Turkey with the MEF International School Educational Institutions The main objective of the mission are always in the field of education, the university has been created to consolidate a difference.

      Graduate forward-thinking students who possess the ability to compete at the national and international level and to associate their national identities with global values; who continuously improve themselves, master technology, act respectfully towards the environment, respect societal and ethical values; who possess the ability to combine and apply their creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership qualities with their research competencies so as to break new grounds in the national and international arenas.

      Bring together and support research-oriented, leading scholars who will make globally significant contributions to their professional fields, science, and technology.

      Establish and sustain the necessary infrastructure and inspiring environment for the faculty, students, and staff to make these targets achievable.