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    The American University of Madaba

    The American University of Madaba in Jordan 

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    The American University of Madaba in Jordan

    The American University of Madaba in Jordan

    Jordan, Madaba
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    About The American University of Madaba in Jordan

    Established in 2005, The American University of Madaba (AUM) is a private university located in Madaba, Jordan.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    I am delighted to welcome you to the American University of Madaba. The American University of Madaba (AUM) is a not-for-profit university in Jordan, established in 2005 by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, based on a decision issued by the Higher Education Council of Jordan, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Located in Madaba, its main campus is state-of-the-art and green. AUM’s long-term strategic vision is to be “a stepping stone for personal and community advancement” and a place “where ethics, values and moral integrity are pursued at the same time as knowledge and scientific skills are acquired,” as reflected in AUM’s motto Sapientia et Scientia (Wisdom and Knowledge). AUM broke ground in 2005, had its cornerstone blessed by HH Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, admitted its first undergraduate class in 2011 and was officially inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein in May 2013.

    AUM is fully recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Jordan, a member of the Association of Arab Universities, the International Association of Universities, and the Federation of Arab Engineers. In addition, it is fully accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions on the institutional and program levels and authorized to grant degrees for all programs by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission (NHHEC), USA. More recently, AUM has been listed on the Jordan National Qualifications Framework by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions.

    The strategic vision of AUM is built on an American style of higher education in terms of curiculum development, teaching methods, degree awarding, industry networking, scientific and industry research and labor market requirements. Moreover, AUM relies heavily on American educational values, particularly freedom of thought, academic integrity and respect for individuals.

    AUM has seven faculties in various academic fields: Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Business , Architecture & Design and Languages & Communication. Combined, AUM has more than twenty areas of specialization, which are all based on American higher education standards. AUM strategic intention is to equip its graduates with a life-changing university degree for a more prosporous future for themselves and humanity.

    The pillars of AUM strategic practices are seen in our innovative teaching approach, distinctive university student life, cutting-edge research, first-class graduate study programs, internationalization of standards and policies, study abroad opportunities for all students, industry networking capacities, talented and competent graduates and first-rank employability rate in the labor market in Jordan and abroad. Simply, we are preparing AUM graduates for the Industry 4.0 era and more! Our graduates have a vital impact on industry and society alike.

    AUM’s leadership is committed to graduating leaders, institutionalizing its work, practicing shared governance, enhancing the humanitarian mission of higher education, supporting less fortunate, yet qualified students and promoting wisdom and knowledge in its service to society. Highly qualified faculty and staff at AUM are fully committed to working together for our students and graduates to fulfill their dreams.

    We recognize that our students, faculty and staff are valuable for the advancement of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s vision as well as for the enrichment of the society in which they live.

    Our beloved students, I am honored to have you be part of the universe of the American University of Madaba, where you can realize your unlimited dreams and achieve a better future for you and for the society at large.

    Vision :
    AUM will be an internationally renowned university for its holistic education and its dedication to using wisdom and science to build a better world.

    Mission :
    AUM is dedicated to integral human development through Catholic higher education with the values implied by this such as integrity, ethical conduct, dialogue and justice; and generating knowledge, competencies, skills through its academic endeavors of teaching, research, international and industry partnerships and community engagement.

    AUM is committed to the unique academic and transformative experiences of the American-style education. AUM fosters excellence in higher education through exposing students to curricular activities and extracurricular experiences that embark them on a journey of learning for employability and social transformation. AUM strives to graduate leaders guided by the light of truth in a highly changing society through outstanding faculty members, competent staff, state-of-the-art campus and modern learning resources.
    Values :
    To achieve AUM's mission, we are dedicated to integral human development in line with catholic values and the American-style higher educational system by nurturing and promoting:
    Diversity among students, faculty and staff from different backgrounds, races, genders and religions
    Tolerance and justice
    Emotional wellness
    Ethical conduct
    Enterprising and creativity
    Productivity and efficiency
    Corporate social responsibility
    Transparency and good governance

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    Apply Requirements for The American University of Madaba in Jordan

    <p>Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent from outside Jordan can enroll in higher education institutions directly through websites of public and private universities or intermediate community colleges based on their averages. Universities implement the credit hours system, which allows students to choose courses according to their study plan.</p>
    <p>Students wishing to enroll in a master's program must hold a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, students who wish to enroll in doctoral programs must hold a master's degree.</p>
    <p>In addition, students wishing to enroll in postgraduate programs are required to provide a certificate confirming their English proficiency level in a TOEFL or IELTS exam. They could also demonstrate a certain proficiency level in French or German. Lastly, they could take an English language exam held by the higher education institution they apply in.</p>
    <p>In the event that the student fails to prove the required level of English, German or French, or fails the English equivalency exam, they may study a qualifying program in English at the university where they undertake additional six credit hours; he/she must score a minimum grade that varies according to their specialization.</p>

    Apply Now for The American University of Madaba in Jordan

    Students can apply for admission to a higher education institution in Jordan through the following:

    1. Applying directly to the institution of higher education of their choice. Many higher education institutions in Jordan have online application services or through university service offices; while some institutions accept applications through mail. Each higher education institution determines its own enrollment requirements. Therefore, a prospective student should communicate with the institution they wish to apply to in order to know the specific admission requirements and procedures.
    2. Applying directly through the free on-line application
    3. Communicate with the Directorate of International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and apply to any higher education institution

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