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    Hobart is the oldest capital in Australia after Sydney. It is the capital of Tasmania which is set near the city centre and its beaches stretch along the shores of the river and estuary beyond. 

    Hobart has many ancient buildings, side by side, with new ones as it provides what a visitor is looking for. It is the smallest capital whose astonishing natural whereabouts are in close proximity.

    The following destinations are some of pretty nice places to visit as tourist attractions in Hobart

    • See the View from the Summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington
    • Salamanca Place & Salamanca Market
    • Port Arthur Day Trip
    • MONA: Museum of Old and New Art
    • Stroll along the Battery Point Sculpture Trail
    • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
    • Hobart Convict Penitentiary


    Hobart is home to many recreational places like the old Museum of Old and New Art and a consequence of a number of restaurants and other constant parade of constructions for having different kinds of drinks. It was the first city to have a casino in 1973.

     Talking about population density in Tasmania, it is the most populous city in the Island of Tasmania, but the least in density of population as state capital in Australia. It was established in1803 and declared as a penal colony where booms and busts have struck along its history.

    Robert Hobart was the Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, after whom the name Hobart was given to the city by David Collins, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Diemen’s Land. Hobart stretches over a land of 1,696 km2 , having a population number of 207,554 depending on statistics executed in 2018.

    The groups of ancestries in Hobart are from different nationalities: English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and German.  English and Australian peoples are the most common residents (the prominent nationalities) in the country as a whole, but with the rest of Tasmania they are on par.


    Living Expenses in Hobart

    A student needs to pay, monthly without rent, about AUS$1300 which is about 26% less costly than New York without rent. A family of four would cost monthly AUS$5000 without rent.

    List of Costs of Living in Hobart in AUS dollars

    Expenses per month



    300 - 400


    250 - 500


    60 - 160

    Communities and Utilities

    130 - 150


    40 - 110

    Sport and Leisure

    40 - 130

    Accommodation in Hobart


    Shared room outside of centre


    Shared room in city centre


    1 Bed room apartment in city centre


    1Bed room apartment outside of centre




    The Culture of Hobart

    The culture in this city is tranquil and uneventful. The people of Hobart are described as friendliness and lovely, because the city was a convict’s city so that the French culture is to be kept out.

    The population grows steadily and slowly, so employment opportunities here are not great as the city of Hobart cannot be compared with other urban counterparts of main Australian cities.

    Nevertheless, the taste of cultural richness in Hobart does exist by some means; The society is very energetic as one of the world’s popular orchestras is stationed in this city, Writers of prize-winning have emerged from Hobart, in addition to outdoor and lively people, having taken participations in community events and living the taste of happiness of life. These are a number of reasons for why tourists are fond of Hobart, Tasmania.


    Weather and Environment

    The weather of Tasmanian’s capital is oceanic; in winters there is continuous rain accompanied by mild cold climate, but quite rainy summers. The temperatures are vary between 9oC in July – 180 C in January and February (48 – 640F)

    The features of nature in Hobart are, in brief, as follows:

    • Mount Wellington. 7,671. Mountains. Open now
    • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. 2,673. Gardens
    • Sandy Bay. 243. Bodies of Water
    • St. David's Park. Parks • Scenic Walking Areas
    • Myrtle Forest. Forests.
    • Sub-Antarctic Plant House. 141. Gardens
    • Long Beach. Beaches. By Joe S1474
    • Waterworks Reserve. Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife 


    Working in Hobart

    A student can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while studying full time study at universities of Hobart, Tasmania on a student visa, and for unlimited hours in holidays and at times of study breaks.

    Even Hobart is a small city in comparing it with other Australia’s major cities, it punches actively more than its size when talking about education, work and lifestyles for international students. The University of Tasmania has been considered, worldwide, one of the best universities when you find yourself as a student surrounded by lots of nice National Parks.

    When giving forth rent, it is not that much out of your budget, Hobart could be your preferable choice, for locals are grateful for a high standard of living and lower accommodation costs than other Australian capital cities.


    The lack of traffic jams and streets’ safety are some of impressive features as lots of students like to reside in between the city centre and the campus of university, so all things in need are within short distance walking. The lifestyle, which is laid back, supports students in making them dedicate and concentrate their efforts on their own studies or career advancement.

    The population of Hobart is only 230,000, so skillful young students in Hobart are able to develop a splash in their chosen field. The growing employer is the healthcare sector, and furthermore, a number of industries has been thriving depending on young people moving to Hobart, attracted by lower costs of living and accommodation affordability.

    Areas and Districts of Hobart

    These are the prominent regions in Hobart:

    • Howrah Ranked 1st best suburb in Greater Hobart
    • West Hobart Ranked 2nd best suburb in Greater Hobart
    • Mount Nelson Ranked 3rd best suburb in Greater Hobart
    • South Hobart
    • Tolmans Hill
    • Kingston
    • Lenah Valley
    • Lutana

    The Universities in Hobart

    The two Educational centers in Hobart are:

    The University of Tasmania and Sandy Bay Campus

    Universities in Hobart / Australia

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