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    It is the cosmopolitan coastal capital of Australia in the south; it is famous for hosting festivals, delicious food, and prime wine districts are very close taking just a short drive from downtown. The restaurants which are popular for their nice food with a packed events calendar can make you find every time something unusual in this city. 

    Adelaide is a place which is nice to study at its universities while discovering about student’s amount of money, as the city is one of the places in Australia where students can bear the burdens of living expenses when talking about costs of different commodities. 

    The rent is affordable which is about 50 % is less than Sydney. The rent costs are not the same, but, on average, the cost of rent could be between AUS$ 220 – 600 for each week for a room in a share residency. 

    The city was established in 1836 having an area of 3,260 km2, and a population estimated at 1,800 depending on 2018 statistics. It is the safest city to live in according to recent world research in having the lowest criminal acts rated at 2400 incidents for 100,000 capita, which is obviously lower than the next capital city, Hobart which occupies the fourth place in this regard. 

    2016 research had proved that English Chinese and Australian ancestries are the three largest nationalities in the city of Adelaide, so the ethnic background and cultural heritage of an individual are related to these three generations as defined by Ancestry. 

    Adelaide is a German given name to the city of English form which came from the Ancient High German Adelaide, which means “noble nature”. The new form is Adel Heid, popularly Adelaide which was the first name of Queen Adelaide, after the same name lots of districts in the past British Empire were known.


    Living Expenses 

    The costs are lower than in any other mainland cosmopolitan city in Australia: You have enough to pay for rent, supplies, food, travel, accommodation and entertainment, but not to cover tuition fees, the purchase of car, TV or computers which are considered major expenses. The expenses below are just quoted expenses as a guide only for international students.

    Living Expenses per week in Adelaide in AUS dollar:



    160 - 420

    Accommodation – shared or single

    120 - 160


    25 - 55

    Phone / internet

    30 - 50


    45 - 60

    Electricity / Gas


    Clothes / entertainment




    Loaf of bread

    5 - 6

    Bowl of noodles


    Milk (1 litre)


    Big Mac

    3.5 - 4

    Cup of coffee


    Bottle of water (600ml)

    1.8 – 2.5



    Cinema ticket

    3 – 5.5

    Bus / Train / Tram Ticket (single)

    An international student is in need to have about AUS$14000 – AUS$ 19000 every year for accommodation, food, books and many other study materials, in addition to personal costs which include transport, entertainment and costs for time enjoyment.  


    Local Food in Adelaide is completely nourishing and tasty which you have To Try in Adelaide:

    • Oysters. Coffin Bay King Oysters. South Australia.
    • White Fish. King George Whiting. South Australia.
    • Cheese. Alliums Piper. South Australia.
    • Cheese. Goat on a Hot Tin Roof. South Australia.
    • Berry. Muntries. South Australia.
    • Cheese. Mandolin.
    • Meat Dish. Pie Floater.


    Weather and Environment of Adelaide 

    Adelaide is characterized by moderate weather: in winter the climate is mild; while in summer it is warm and dry having temperatures vary between 25 – 29 C (70 – 850 F) in summer and 15 – 16 0 C (59 – 61F) in winter 

    Adelaide stretches from the Barossa Valley in the north to reach in its extension to the Fleureu Peninsula in the south to have in its territories metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Plains north wide and lofty Ranges of Western Mountain. The terrains are of variable formations of flat plains beside the coast to steep hills found in the east and south. 


    Working in Adelaide

    The job market is not easy in Adelaide for graduates, but looking for temporary work can be possible. The permission will give students an opportunity to work for 40 hours in a fortnight while your studying program is in progress, and for unlimited hours during organized program breaks, meantime if you are preparing a master degree by research or a PhD student, it is possible for you to have a job of full time. 

    Adelaide is a good and suitable place to study at its universities, since the city is cheap when it is compared with other cities in Australia and the life in is simple and livable as well. Also the city is known for giving out spaced layout. 

    Part-Time Work for international students in Adelaide

    • Retail - supermarkets, departments and clothing stores.
    •  Hospitality - cafes, bars and restaurants.
    •  Tourism - hotels, tour operators.
    •  Sales and Telemarketing.
    •  Administration or Clerical roles.
    • Tutoring.

    Areas and Districts of Adelaide 

    Adelaide combines the suburbs of Adelaide, Collins wood, Fitzroy, Gilbert on, Med indie, Med indie Gardens, North Adelaide, Ovingham, Thorn gate and Walkersville. It also includes parts of the suburbs of Nails worth and Prospect.

    Universities in Adelaide / Australia

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