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    • Total Students 196000
    • Int Students 35000
    • Population 4749153
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    The Republic of Ireland: Dublin

    Waters between Ireland in the west, and Wales in the east is called Irish Channel – Irish Sea. The part that is located in the south of Ireland is known as the Republic of Ireland which was a genuine part of the United Kingdom.

    The division of Ireland was when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland had separated Ireland in to: Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland in 1921, May the 3rdunder the Government of Ireland ordinance, 1920. Nevertheless, the declaration of the Independence Day of South Ireland was announced on 21of January, 1919 when the ceasefire was put into effect between Great Britain and South Ireland.
    Located in the eastern side of the Island, Dublin is the capital and the largest city, the population of which equals to 4.9 million, 40% of whom resides in Dublin, the Greatest Area.

    It has just a sole land shared with the United Kingdom’s Northern Ireland having an area of 499 km starting: from Lough Foyle to the north of Ireland, to reach Carlingford Lough on the northeast which stands as a barrier between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    The two Irelands engage in One Travel Area, so Border marks are not clear enough: In 2021 The two Irelands have become participants in the European Single Market, so the border has been open for good purposes permitting for free influx of people as of 1923, and goods to pass in as of 1993 till now.

    Study in Ireland

    Studying in the Republic of Ireland

    Universities that are recommended to study in

    These universities are ranked marvelously well as top universities for International Students to Study in because of their historic cities, beautiful destinations, distinguished culture which are obvious to have impressive lands on the earth.
    • Dublin University in the city of Dublin. Established in 1854, it is one of the most famous institutions in Ireland.
    • Trinity College Dublin. It is dated back to past ages as considered an ancient University in Ireland and the UK ,it was ranked after the University of Oxford and Cambridge.
    • Ireland National University in Galway. It has many achievements on many levels either by improving its rate, materials, facilities or encouraging staff who try to attract international students for being expertise and helpful.
    • Cork University in the city of cork. It is known as University College Cork, the university has been exerting much efforts in environment preservation since 2010 and has rewarded a degree for its remarkable contributions.
    • Dublin City University in Dublin. It was founded in 1975, so it is a modern university compared with other universities in Ireland which gained its status as a university in 1989 occupying a high position on the academic level.
    • The University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology and the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Furthermore, Ireland’s Largest Medical School, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) which are among top universities of Ireland. Not to forget some private universities which are also considered good and advisable.

    Tuition Fees

    The tuition fees start from 9,750 Euro a year, and other expenses cost 11,829 Euro a year.


    Bachelor Degree

    Although requirements vary every year, but the minimum requirement to study at Ireland’s Universities need a student to achieve at least 60% - 80 % in the 12th secondary class depending upon the subject to study in the university; While a student can only continue their diploma if the average is below 60%.

    Master Degree

    For non European International Students the tuition Fees are around:
    • Medicine and related disciplines: 4,000 – 31,000 Euro.
    • Engineering: 9,250 – 24,000 Euro.
    • Arts and Humanities: 9,250 – 22,000 Euro.
    • Business: 9,250 – 34,500 Euro.
    • Medicine and related disciplines: 3,800 – 21,000 Euro
    These tuitions are varying from time to time, and private universities are more expensive.

    Ph.D. degree

  • A score of 88 in TOEFL test
  • A score from 6 – 6.5 in IELTS test
  • A score of 6.3 – at minimum - in PTE test
  • A master degree in the relevant area of research.

  • English Courses in the Republic of Ireland

    There are 3 types of English courses held in International English Language Schools, to improve students language to study at universities:
    1. Intensive Courses from 1 – 12 weeks starting, from 416dollars
    2. General Courses starting from 286 dollars, from 1 – 12 weeks
    3. In between Intensive and General Courses starting from 364 dollars, from 1 – 12 weeks
    4. Also, Students can join any university to study in, and improve their language in terms of their level.

    Living in Ireland

    Environment and Climate (Weather)

    Coastal mountains surround the plains of the Island mounted in the central at low levels, the highest of which is the peak of Carrauntoohil, the coastline in the west hosts a number of islands, peninsulas, bays and headlines that are stretching along it.
    The weather is neither hot in summer, nor cold in winter- It is somewhat temperate and cool that is oceanic climate.


    The culture of Southern Ireland is continuing to vary as successive emigration from Europe countries, and the differences between Catholic and Protestant of various backgrounds.
    Jig is one of the dances, bagpipes instruments, Celtic language all of which had been transferred into Island from different parts of Europe, and become Ireland’s culture past aspects. This is important for those who want to study European’s past cultures.

    Living in South Ireland Accommodation

    International students should have enough money to spend on their daily requirements while studying as this forms part of your application.
    The place where you study plays an essential role concerning accommodation, but international students spend –on average- between 7,000- 12,000 Euro a year.

    Living Expenses

    Monthly and Yearly costs of essential demands

    Cost Monthly Yearly
    Rent 427€ 3,843€
    Utilities 28€ 252€
    Food 167€ 1,503€
    Travel 135€ 1,215€
    Books Class materials 70€ 630€
    Clothes/Medical 41€ 369€
    Mobile 31€ 279€
    Social life/Misc 75€ 675€

    Ireland people are friendly and hospitable that the life is very easy to live with them and make oversees students quickly adapt to daily situations in Ireland.

    University’s accommodation

    Students can stay in on campuses; but it is very expensive and not easy to find. Most universities are attached with apartments that host 4 – 8 students, private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

    Average Costs

    * Accommodation in Dublin: 1,100 – 1,800 Euro / a month
    * Cork: 860 – 1,400 Euro /a month
    * Galway: 800 - 1,100 Euro /a month

    Visa to Ireland

    Student Visa Requirements 

    Ireland requires candidates from many non-EU countries to have a visa to come and study in Ireland. The student immigration process is divided into two categories, based on whether you are applying for a degree programme offered by a higher education institution or you intend to pursue an English-language or non-degree course.

    International Students Visa

    How to Apply

    1. Online applying
    2. Fill the online application which shows where to offer related documents
    3. Date and signature have to be introduced with supporting documents
    4. Biometric information may be demanded during application
    5. Try not to include any false/misleading documents; application form may be refused otherwise.

    Health Insurance

    Non- European  students in Ireland from non- European countries are not included in any free medical care off campus, so they should have their own private health insurance, and they are to show evidence of their medical insurance, that is, utterly in coverage, when the Garda National Immigration Bureau is responsible for registration.

    Universities in Ireland

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