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Student visa and Medical Insurance in Ireland

Student visa and Medical Insurance in Ireland

Student visa and Medical Insurance in Ireland

Published on 23-May-2021

Student Visa

The Irish government grants international students enrolled in Irish higher education institutions a one – year stay back visa, so they can look for a job; furthermore, it lasts  for two years to postgraduate students.

Document required to get a student visa are: Two photos of passport size, a valid passport, a letter of application declaring the reason behind entering Ireland, COVID -19 tests, a letter of acceptance from the respected university and a clean criminal record.

An interview will be held to prove the student visa application form, and the visa will give students a permit to study and stay in Ireland for more than three months. Students worldwide have to bear in mind that Ireland is one of the most difficult countries concerning job markets in Europe.

Health Insurance

International students other than EEA and EU students are in need to purchasing a private health insurance in Ireland while spending a period of time during studying, and the medical insurance should cover accidents, diseases and at times of hospitalization.

Regulations stipulate that international students from other member states – EU and EEA – who are in Ireland for the purpose of studying are included in free hospital services if they have E.109 form.This form is issued for students provided that they still depend on their family financial support.

The cost of health insurance in Ireland is 2200 pounds a year, and if a student is in need to visit a general practitioner, he will pay from EUR 50 – 75. A student can make a phone call with any general practitioner to find about charges, GPs might give specific services to private patients for free.

Private health insurance in Ireland is not a must; if a student is a resident in Ireland they are covered with public in – patient and out – patient medical services, but if a student doesn’t purchase private health insurance, they will be covered with services of the public health system on the basis of medical need.

If a student feels that he is well and in good health, they can then, benefit from the public health insurance, as private insurance needs much money on annual basis.