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    Study in United States of America

    Study in United States of America

    Explore your academic opportunities in United States of America and get a unique university and cultural experience as an international student!

    United States of America

    United States of America

    • Population 339,996,563
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    An Overview of United States of America

    Dreaming about studying abroad? United States of America is the perfect destination for you as an international student! If you are looking for comprehensive information about studying in United States of America , you are in the right place. In this section, we will provide all you need to know about studying in United States of America. You will get to know the best universities and colleges that you can join. In addition, the scholarship requirements and advice about the lifestyle and living expenses in this amazing country. Embark on a promising future and take advantage of this precious opportunity!

    The USA: Washington DC

    Many natural landscapes can be detected, where a country of urban regions merged together in large areas. It is worldwide the second biggest country, having so spacious inhabited plains. Since the 17thcentury, and, in particular, due to the very numbers of immigrants that have settled the United States, the culture is in continuous diversity when talking about 50 states in one country.

    Everything in every state is large, big, enormous, very wide and comfortable: flats, supermarkets, meals, skyscrapers. Their dreams are big, and look possible to come true, as this country is the second largest country, which is the country of anything possible.
    With respect to holidays, it is considered the country of contrasts in culture, environment, and nature making it a very distinctive holiday destination.
    Its area equals to 9,826,675 kilo km2, hosting a population of 328,869, 759 inhabitants in accordance to 2018 census. The formal religion is Christian.

    37 states were added to the United States in the centuries 19thand 20threspectively, while it had 13 states before, making the whole number of states 50. The United States is new, and many ancient constructions seem not to be found around everywhere, as America was very really discovered firstly by Asian explorers; but not as many believe that it was discovered by Columbus in 1492.

    When it was discovered, there are as many as Native Americans lived there before. The Dutch called it “New Netherlands” when they arrived in, and New Amsterdam was the name of New York which used to be known by.

    After lots of wars, in 1787, the Paris’ treaty was signed because 13 British colonies announced their independence on 1776, the 4thof July – which became the Independence Day Thus; England, enraged which lead to war erupting between England and the colonies mentioned, and to declare George Washington as the first president of United States.

    Civil war had triggered in1861–1865, when the states in the north struggled harshly with the states in the south, when lots of deadly battles took place.
    The American economy had dropped deeply during the great – scale depression and totally 30% of the large population found nothing to do by ending jobless.
    America was not located in Asia; but a country of its own, as it was named after the Italian sailor Amerigo Vespucci as he was to detect this in the first hand, then the name altered to “America”, when talking about the world in the southern half part.
    America is located in the southern part of the world bordered by Canada in the north, the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico in the south, in the east is the North Atlantic Ocean and in the west is the North Pacific Ocean.

    Why Study in United States of America?

    Some Top Universities in USA

    Ranking University Name City/Town
    1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge
    2 Harvard University Cambridge
    3 Stanford University Stanford
    5 Cornell University Ithaca
    4 University of California Berkeley
    11 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore
    7 Columbia University New York City
    8 University of Michigan Ann Arbor
    6 University of Washington Seattle
    10 University of Minnesota Minneapolis
    9 Penn State University University Park
    13 University of California Los Angeles
    12 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia
    14 Yale University New Haven
    17 Purdue University West Lafayette
    18 New York University New York City
    16 University of Wisconsin Madison


    Undergraduate degrees
    Application form that is complete as a proof of completing secondary school. In addition, a certificate of English language must be attained as a proof of proficiency as a foreign language....

    Master Degree
    A student must achieve the following main requirements: 3-4 years of undergraduate degree in the same field of study having an average GPA of 3.0 or 65-70 and above. Proof of English language test indicating English language professionalism.....

    PhD Degree
    A student should expose a master degree concerning the same field of study, also undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent, with some differences of applications between subjects, but these are as key demands to pursuing various studies.

    English Courses

    As a second language, students can choose any college, university or centre in the USA to pursue their academic degree. A student will feel comfortable when selecting wherever he desire to have these courses either these courses are intensive, from scratch or any academic level....

    Lifestyle and Living Expenses in United States of America

    Weather and Environment

    The large areas of the United States have a lot of climates: The central part is totally warm and withered; but in the North West it is wet; the weather varies between tropical rainforests to cold tundra. The temperatures are cool and mild in spring and fall; where as it is very hot in summer; with rainy climate in winter.
    Hurricanes and tornadoes differ from one area to another, when the hurricanes start to occur in October to November especially in regions of warm sea waters.


    Western origin prevails on American culture, but other cultures can have a great influence either, like African, Asian, Native American and Latin. America, on the other hand, has its own culture and features such as arts, music, dialect, social habits, folklore and cuisine.


    The estimated costs of living in America  for students is between 10,000 dollars – 12,000 dollars a year, which equals to 700 dollars – 1000 dollars a month, this comprises costs of room, and board, food, transportation, books, necessary expenses....

    Visa Requirements for United States of America

    Student visa

    There are three kinds of student visasF1 Visa, J1 Visa and M1 Visa.
    The first two kinds give an opportunity for any international student to be employed during study time. But M1 does not.

    General requirements

    • Academic level
    • Financial ability
    • Health insurance
    • Proof of code of conduct
    • Statement of purpose from respected university

    Health Insurance
    In fact lots of universities in USA do not cover international students with health insurance, so a student has the only choice to purchase his own international health insurance by consulting the respected university to have one for international citizens studying in The USA...

    Top Universities in United States of America

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    Rankings of Universities in United States of America