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Working in the USA

Published on 20-Jun-2021

Of course! International students can work in the USA during periods of studying, but students have to abide by some rules: Students who got an F – 1 and M – 1 visa are permitted to work in on – campus and in specific training programs; at the same time, they are not permitted to work off – campus for the first academic year.

Students can earn up to $49 per an hour concerning jobs of little skillful persons, but jobs in need of good experience, skillful foreign students can earn up to $120 an hour, and still they can work overtime; by the way, students can work 40 hours a week.

What do F - 1 and M - 1 visas indicate?

F – 1 visa is used by non – immigrant students who are studying academic and language training courses; whereas, M – 1 visa is used by students who want to accomplish a vocational course which is not academic.

The validity of students’ visas is based on the country of  origin of each foreign student around the world which grants students the period of time to stay abroad, and normally, the F – 1 visa is valid for five years as of the starting date of students’ program.

To get a job for foreign students in the USA, students must contact their DSO – Designated School Official -  to facilitate the process of finding a job; The DSO will help students apply for a Social Security Number which is necessary for students working in the USA, and the DSO will tell students and point out the steps required to be followed. Keep in your mind that working off – campus is not easy and needs many proofs the DSO will clarify more details about when foreign students contact it.

There are some great jobs for international students:

  • Work at the University. Working in on campus is among the most popular choices for international students. 
  • Work Study Curricular Practical Training.
  • Computer Centres. ...
  • Students Unions.