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    Applying to Canada: It is only for crucial purposes that a student have to be free from any responsibility concerning traveling from one place to another. All these legislations and provisions had been approved by Canadian Government by the month of November, 2021.

    As a student or a worker , you can apply on the internet for a study, a work or visit visa. Because of many difficulties due to covid-19, we advise you to visit any centre in your country to help you get the visa. First of all, you must choose the province or territory to get your local visa office directives.

    Documents needed:

    • A Valid Passport’s Copy
    • Fund’s Proof
    • Medical Examination
    • Covid-19 Test
    • Free Criminal Record
    • Approval from a Learning Institute in Canada
    • Credit Card
    • English Language Exam
    • Declaration of purpose

    Study in Canada

    Capital: Ottawa

    Provinces and territories

    Canada is lying in the north side of America, it has ten provinces, and three territories, positioned to the North of the United States. It extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific stretched out to reach the northward until reaching the Arctic Ocean. This huge area equals to 9.98 million square kilometers – 3.38 million square miles – to be the second largest country worldwide, having a population of 50, 500,0995 according to the latest census.

    Canada was discovered on June 24th , 1497, when John Cabon , an Italian nationality, landed for the first time at a northern land. It has attained its independence and became entirely independent from the Great Britain on April 17th, 1982.


    North America is bordering Canada from the south, and from the north is The Archtic, The Pacific from the west, and the Greenland and The Atlantic from the east.
    The provinces are in order - in accordance to alphabetical order: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

    The three territories are:

    Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. All of them are in the north.
    Governance determines the difference between a province and territory – Fundamentally, The Parliament of Canada has the authority delegated by the territories, thus all of which are ruled together federally by a federal government; while the provinces experience constitutional powers depending on their own, this kind of power, which is not in balance, is gradually being minimized by granting the territories local decision- making powers.

    Studying in Canada

    For international students, studying in Canada is a good choice; It is because one of the safest places worldwide, major cities, in particular, like: Vancouver, Toronto. Culture diversity is one of the reasons behind giving international students good opportunities other than anywhere else.

    Canadian universities are preferable to lots of students in the world as Canada is serious in education, so get your start in Canada to join one of the best universities around the world like Toronto and McGill University to be one of the experts in Medicine, Politics,, Technology, Journalism; you will have the chance to deal with cleverest minds where you have flexibility through education variety: Universities and colleges in Canada present you a variable chances that are enjoying and amusing in consideration to your targets and purposes that you are having in mind. So be mindful.

    A number of big cities is home to many major universities especially in the south of Canada: Cities of Montreal , Quebec , Toronto and Vancouver.

    Below is a list of the top Canadian universities that are on the lists of the top ones worldwide:

    Royal Roads University is located in one of the most beautiful National Historic Sites in Canada, in Colwood, B.C. . The faculties are concerned with: Business, Communication and Culture, Environment and Sustainability, Executive Education, General Studies, Humanitarian Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Leadership Studies, Tourism and Hospitality...... .

    Graduate studies are available in:

    Arts Studies, Business Studies, Communications and Culture. Most likely, under graduate studies are included to pursue Post Graduate Studies in this Historic University Bishop’s University is located in Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada. It has faculties concerning with: BU Liberal Education, Arts, Business, Education.... . Graduate and PhD Studies which are included are: Arts, Education and Leadership, Science, Physics, Math, Brewing Science, Knowledge Mobilization.... .

    Brock university is located in ST.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It is especialised in Public Researches. Undergraduate studies are of various types: Aboriginal Education, Accounting, Applied Computing, Applied Linguistics, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Biological sciences.... . Having fifty programs for post degrees – Master and PhD degrees: Business Administration, Accountancy, Applied Disability Studies, Applied Health Sciences, Applied Gerontology..... .

    Thompson university which is in the city of Kamloops, B.C. has the following faculties which are really excellent to study at : Arts, Law, Business, Tourism, Education and Social Works along with others.

    With respect to PhD, there are the following degrees to pursue divided as follows: Architecture, Biological Science, Canadian Studies, Economics, Public Administration, City Planning ..... .

    Winnipeg University: Located in Winnipeg, it has six faculties distributed on : arts, education, science, economics, kinesiology and business. This university presents you with master degrees in Business Management, Applied Project Management, Financial Management, Arts, Arts in Cultural Studies, Arts in Criminal Justice, and other many specialists.

    The university grants its students the PhD degree in Architecture, Biological- Science, Political studies, Public Administration and a number of other studies.
    Regina University which is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Having ten faculties, it established its reputation for modern programs that are innovative and unique to pursue your undergraduate, post graduate and PhD degrees.

    Living in Canada


    It is essential to find accommodation as soon as you arrive in Canada, so newcomers might like either temporary or permanent one which relates to circumstances and conditions of visitors. You search for either an apartment or house for rent, it depends.

    Temporary accommodation:

    In urban areas you can find hotels and hostels which are available in abundance. It is very fundamental to reach somewhere, at least, to stay your first few nights.

    If there is no much money, Canada has a lot of hostels for short stay as an accommodation to meet your ends finally. But if you desire to have Air Bnb for short-term houses or apartments for rent in Canada. Their link will help you to have a discount of CAD 30 – 50 dollars off when first booking as a gift from the founder.

    A duplex is a house when is divided in to two units; split or triplex is divided into three units. There are lots of rooms available for rent in Canada, they are available having both shared living and bathrooms.

    On the other hand, there are departments for rent in Canada which some have single rooms, each one is used as for both a bed room and a living space in the same room – called bachelor units. Furthermore, there are a plenty of bedrooms with living areas separated.

    Local newspapers have classified sections for houses and apartments where you can look for, in addition to websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist. Face book groups are fruitful as well. Around your area you can stroll, and you will find landlords, who usually ask you if you are able to pay for the rent, post signs which are read: available facilities for rent.

    Either bank declarations can make it easy for you to disclose your account to see if you are able to pay for some months, or a statement from your employer stating and declaring your income.

    Canadian documents are preferable for many landlords, so you should keep trying until you find some who rent their states without having like these documents.

    On the onset of each month, rentals start, so you have to keep in your mind that the number of availability is decreasing on the 15th of every month. If you want to be sure that there are lots of good options, you should have arrived two weeks before, in advance, before the next month starts.

    Like these rentals are always furnished, so ask firstly before to know about cheap prices or free stuff. At the end of each month is the suitable time to get good deals on furniture.

    Living expenses: Facilities like electricity, water and internet might not be covered along the rent. Service providers in your neighbourhood will be responsible for providing you with internet and Canada articles for information.

    In the city of Edmonton, for instance, it would likely cost less than 1000 dollar a month for a bedroom apartment, but in Vancouver the matter is different as it would be more than 2000 dollar.

    Toronto and Vancouver in the province of Ontario and B.C. are the most expensive ones depending on the National Rental Report by Rentals. Montreal, QC are the cheapest in rentals and living expenses that can be affordable; as you can find rents less than 1000 dollar, and less than this if you are sharing accommodation. Quebec City and Gatineau are the most affordable ones.

    Visa to Canada

    How to apply for Canada visa?

    Valid study permit is something essential, so like these permits have to be ratified to enable international students to travel to study, provided that a student wants to stay more than six months; otherwise, a study permit is not needed if the study period is below six months.

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Identify visa type. Choose the right visa for your trip. ...
    2. Begin your application. Get started with your visa application. ...
    3. Book an appointment. Choose a Visa Application Centre and make an appointment. ...
    4. Pay your fees.
    5. Visit a visa application centre.
    6. Track your application.
    7. Collect your passport.

    Student Insurance

    Health Insurance, which differs from one province/ territory to another, is granted to all international students; but for students who are not covered by medical coverage in some provinces, they must look for private health insurance. The coverage includes visits of doctors, hospitals, air ambulances, dental urgencies, drugs prescriptions and keeping an eye on students until full recuperation.

    Universities in Canada

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