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Arriving to Canada

Published on 18-May-2021

A border services officer will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Canada, who will check all requirements that you must have:

  • a Valid passport
  • a Health check
  • a Clean criminal record
  • Leaving Canada after finishing study
  • Having enough money to live in Canada

The medical exam is valid for one year from the day you have got it, and must be valid when you enter the country, or you are in need to have another one.

You will not be allowed and be considered inadmissible if your criminal record is: Not clean, you are involved in human rights violations, you are in lack of financial reasons, or you have  health problems...

Don’t forget the letter of acceptance from the respected Canadian university, and the financial asset as a proof of ability to pay for the university, and a statement of purpose declaring why you want to study this or that course in Canadian Universities.

Opening a checking account is what students need t in Canada to pay for their living expenses. A student is also in need to have a credit card afterwards.

These are the best banks in Canada to open a checking account:

  • Scotiabank Student Banking Advantage Plan
  • CIBC Smart for Students Chequing Account.
  • BMO Plus Student Chequing Account.
  • RBC Student Chequing Account.
  • TD Student Chequing Account.
  • National Bank Student Chequing Account.

A student opening a check in account reqyires to have a valid passport, driver license and a student birth certificate. A letter from the university is a must to prove that you have been enrolled in a Canadian University's Program

There are many mobile phone companies in Canada which offer lots of packages for students: Bell and Rogers are the two largest companies for internet services.

Mobile Phones in Canada are available working by inserting calling cards which are pre-paid cards, whereby you can call anybody worldwide. They are a cost – effective way of connecting students with their communications out of Canada.

Those kinds of cards can be purchased via groceries in Canada found everywhere. The instructions for use are written on each card’s back, and a number of on - line tools can be used like Skype to be in  touch with others back home.

Living in Waterloo Residences or studying on campus make the access easy to Waterloo’s wireless internet services:

  • Turn on Wi – Fi on your set.
  • Select “eduroam” from the list of Wi – Fi networks.
  • Enter your [email protected] ID and password.
  • Connect to Wi – Fi.

Living off campus needs students to pay monthly fees for the internet services at home. Bell and Rogers are the largest companies for providing internet in Waterloo; at the same time, other companies can be found having competitive pricing.

Look for the best that is at your convenience, as all of these companies offer comparable services; the prices rate is from 50 Dollars to 200 Dollars each month, depending on which internet packages you desire to purchase.

Transportation system in Canada is available, especially the public one which offers discounted travel for students. Driving or cycling in Canada is in need to reconsider the rules and meet different demands before getting head forward.

The bus is the most common type of transportation in cites, and some urban regions have different kinds of public transportation such as: Bus, train, subway, streetcars, and light – rail trains.

Students outside Canada for more than six months have to complete a medical test with an IRCC – Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada panel - physician, before being back to Canada.