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Accommodation in Canada

Published on 18-May-2021

There are many options for international students to choose among accommodations in Canada such as, home stays which are offered to students as long as they are studying in Canada, dormitories in various colleges and universities or they can choose to live off campus.

International students are welcomed to stay in home stays where family homes continue to be popular selection for international students travelling to Canada to study.

So lots of Canadians make contractions with schools and universities to receive students of different origins. Many advantages students will receive when residing in a home stay: Getting by different skills of English language, staying with a lovely family make it easier for students to gain more confidence about the English language skills.

Family meals, an isolated room furnished completely are offered to international students, and they will easily participate in multiple family and neighbourhood activities.

The university will choose a family having the same interests matching students' interests to feel that they have things in common between. The prices are not the same as the location and the kind of home stay play an important role, but the rate ranges between 400 – 800 Dollars a month.

Dormitories, which are under universities ownership, are located near the campus. These dormitories are usually furnished. The kitchen and bathrooms are shared with other students, and students can have shared rooms, but in accordance to gender – they are not mixed.

Meeting with different students, and involving in multiple activities can be achieved by staying in dormitories, where meals sometimes are included in the cost of the room. The price rate of a dormitory ranges from 4000 Dollars – 8000 Dollars paid each school year.

Renting a private accommodation is another choice left to international students, and the location is the reason behind the price if it is high or low.

In major cities the price is definitely high, but you can choose an accommodation in share with other students so that the price is lower. The university may provide students with off campus accommodation that is more convenient, and it helps also in finding roommates. Just any student can ask for universities help in this regard.

In planning the budget, students should  choose shared acommodations which are less expensive, and cthink about the prices of heat, electricity, water, internet and other bills, besides checking all these important services whether they are available. The average cost of a shared accommodation in Canada is from 300 – 800 Dollars a month. The suite is more expensive reaching from 500 – 1600 Dollars – all prices are in Canadian Dollars.