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Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Canada

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Canada

Student Visa and Medical Insurance in Canada

Published on 18-May-2021

Student visa

To apply for a student visa, you are in need of:

  • A Letter of acceptance from respected university
  • A Valid passport
  • A Proof of fund that is enough to live in Canada
  • English language proficiency
  • Photographs
  • Biometrics
  • Medical test – COVID – 19
  • Clean criminal record


If a study permit application form has been received by May15, 2021, a student will get a respond by August 6, 2021, by the time when a student is about to enroll during the fall term.

 The concerned entities in Canada might be unable to send the concerned application form by August 6, 2021, if a student, for any reason, were unable to process a complete application form.

If a student sends the application after May15, 2021, the concerned entities will respond as fast as possible, but the final word  may not be  received until the fall term starts.

But international students have to apply for a study permit before they enter Canada, and some can apply for a study permit from within countries borders.

Online application

Applying on – line helps students send their applications instantly without paying any fees.

This will help in being sure about the completion of the application form before submitting it.

How many the documents are, they will be processed easily and quickly.

The updates of the application status are processed directly in students’ on – line accounts.

After the application has been approved, a student might have an interview.

Medical insurance

Medical expenses, emergency health, financial cases and any other losses sustained while a student in a visit to Canada, are covered by student insurance.

Preventive medical and basic services are covered by the provincial health care system. For international students having a valid study visa, they are eligible for a provincial health care card so that they can penetrate different health services.

If the period of time of coverage spent in Canada by an international student is longer than the period spent outside of Canada, then expenses incurred will be covered by your insurance. Nevertheless, trips to the United States are restricted to 30 days per period of cover.

Medical or health coverage can be purchased at any time; before or after arriving in Canada, but a student has to wait 48 hours to apply. So students have to obtain health insurance for the period of time spent in Canada, and they are required to apply to get one.

The cost of health insurance is not the same, but differs from one place to another , and it depends on the firm offering health insurance, any way, the average yearly cost for having a health insurance fluctuates from CAD 700 to stand finally at 1000.