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    United Kingdom

    • Total Students 2460000
    • Int Students 557000
    • Population 67765066
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    United Kingdom


    United Kingdom: London

    England, Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland are the geographical parts that constitute The United Kingdom. It is at the opposite side of mainland, Europe’s northwestern coast; it encompasses all the Island of Great Britain:
    Wales, Scotland, and England, in addition to the northern part of Ireland’s Island.

    The Capital is London which is a financial, commercial and cultural centre. Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester are the main England cities; in northern Ireland are the cities of Londonderry and Belfast; the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are in Scotland; and Wales has the major two cities: Swansea and Cardiff.

    The UK was established during the time of the Anglo-Saxon, king Athelstan. With the course of time, many distant kingdoms had become under English power by 1540. London had dominated Scotland from 1603 until 1707 when it was united with England and Wales to comprise at last The United Kingdom – Great Britain.

    Ireland was under the rule of England in 1600, then to be one of the major provinces of Great Britain in 1800. The Republic of Ireland realised its independence in 1922, but Ulster’s nine counties called Northern Ireland continued to be part of the United Kingdom. Nowadays tensions are in progress between nationalists, who desire North Ireland to be indulged with the Republic of Ireland; and unionists, who are interested in North Ireland’ being under British sovereign.
    The English Channel, in the south, is lying between Great Britain and France as Great Britain is surrounded by the sea, while the Northern Sea stretches in the east, and the Irish Sea divides the UK from Ireland to the west of Wales and northern England to reach the southeast of Northern Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean is set off southwestern England, the northwestern coast of Northern Ireland and western Scotland.
    The collective area of Great Britain is 242,495 kilometers hosting a population of 66.65 million.

    Study in United Kingdom

    Top UK Universities in UK

    1. Aston University Located in Birmingham – the largest and well-known city.
    2. Nottingham University Located in the city of Nottingham, it is one of the biggest educational institutions in the UK.
    3. Bournemouth University It is in the southwest of England which helps students to occupy a career or a profession in the work field.
    4. Queen Mary University Located in London, it is a research-led university.

    Requirements Bachelor Degree in UK universities

    1. General Certificate of Secondary Education: The acceptable average varies from one university to another in the universities of UK, depending on the subject a student wants to study at the university.
    2. TOEFL or IELTS TEST OF English language.

    Tuition Fees

    From 10,000P – 20,000P a year, and up to 61,400P for medical degrees.
    Ph.D. Tuition fees cost from 15,000P - 25,000P a year.


    A bachelor degree is required; the fees fluctuate between 5,000P and 35,750P a year, and up to 47,100P for medical degrees.

    Ph.D. degree requirements

    At least an upper second-class undergraduate honours degree, or equivalent international qualification.

    A Master Degree

    to achieve a research-degree in the arts, or social sciences, or an equivalent international qualification.

    Language Courses

    English Language Courses can start from one week to a year; this depends on a student’s level. Teaching English language in the UK combines the four language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
    A student can choose any university to study the language at; nevertheless, they can choose to study at any language centre provided that it is accredited and fully approved by the government of the UK and Education authorities.

    Living in United Kingdom

    Environment and Weather conditions 

    There are lots of marine lands, freshwater, flora and fauna, soil that is fertile in being proper for planting fruitful trees and plants. It is wet and warm in summer. Wet and cool in winter; it has a temperature that the extremes of hot and cold degrees are not


    The United Kingdom has many cultural contributions including different exports of literature, theatre, film, famous music. The English Language is now spoken in every spot of the world as it is the main means of communications, culture, industry, science of various kinds which enable it to become the first language of learning and studying used on Earth.

    Living and Accommodation in the UK 

    For instance, Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK where industries and culture are mixed together making it one of the most energetic cities to study and live in. Many restaurants and easy services can be found around, besides many other interesting places for students, and just few minutes to reach Aston University. The place encompasses a number of stylish studios having their own balconies. The price starts from 170 Pounds a week. Living expenses of important particulars cost a student from 800 P – 1000 P a month.

    Visa to United Kingdom

    Visa Application 

    Application fees for students (348 Pounds) have to be paid, and the application form should be accepted in previous.

    A Student Visa requires:

    • A valid passport
    • Acceptance confirmation from a course provider
    • A proof of having enough money to pay for living and course
    • A proof of a legal guardian if a student is under 18 years old.
    • A proof of relationship to student’s guardian
    • Tuberculosis test

    Health Insurance

    International Students having a valid student visa are under the umbrella of The United Kingdom Health Insurance NHS – National Health Service – as free health insurance is offered to students paid by public funding; but not for all international students. 

    Universities in United Kingdom

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