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Living Expenses in UK

Published on 26-May-2021

Universities tuition fees for international students vary between 10,000- 30,000 Pounds a year concerning courses of full – time. Bear in mind the higher tuition fees rate is concerned with medical studies for programs built on researches.

For international students to be as residents of permanent stay in the UK, they can submit applications forms to have “indefinite leave to remain” – ILR Visa; a student will then obtain an income that is steady by having a full – time job; good Penal Record in committing no criminal acts will support in attaining ILR visa.

A student has to have between 1,400 – 1,700 Dollars a month for costs of living, taking into account the place of living if it is inside or outside London. Fees of graduate degrees vary between 5,000 – 10,000 Dollars a year.

The following universities are the cheapest ones in the UK

  1. Strass ford shire University ...
  2. Teesside University. ...
  3. Harper Adams University College. ...
  4. Leeds Trinity University. ...
  5. University of Cumbria. ...
  6. London Metropolitan University. ...
  7. The University of Bolton. ...
  8. Buckinghamshire New University

Monthly Essential Living Expenses in pounds

- Accommodation                     400 – 600 – bills included

- Private Accommodation        330 – 550 – bills not included

- Bills (electricity, gas, water)     40 – 60

- Food / Housekeeping              170 – 220

-  TV                                               160 a year

- Cell phone                                 20 – 60

- Clothes / Shoes                         30

- Sport / Entertainments             20 – 30 on a membership – Centre

- Books / Stationary                     25

- Going out                                   130

- Travel                                           35

Pieces of Advice

Knowing types of costs can help students prepare their funds. The place of study determines some costs of living in The UK, so choose a place which you find reliable and attainable. To have more details just visit:

This will help students to discover about different expenses in different areas to see the suitable choice in accordance with each students capability.

There are various shops distributed in every area of the UK, and a foreign student can select among many choices from basics to luxurious things. Now that discussing like these matters with foreign students when arriving is a good idea to help them get what they are searching for.

Travelling inside the UK can be held in variable ways either by trains which is the cheapest, buses, cars or planes. When a student plans his decisions previously, the whole process will easily and carefully be  achieved.