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Accommodation in the UK

Published on 26-May-2021

Many numbers of different kinds of accommodation are available in London, just a foreign student can book for any kind of accommodation: Studio, shared, bed apartment, full facility room...

Normally the accommodation’s weekly cost in the UK designed for a student is 160 Pounds; for an internal room, and 200 Pounds for a studio. The university accommodation cost is about 165 Pounds, where the private accommodation cost is 250 Pounds.

Just a foreign student must determine via searching for any kind of accommodation he desires; if it is a house, flat, double room, single room, flat mates...

A student in the UK can pay for his accommodation via multiple ways like a monetary reward, scholarships for the talent, sustenance loans for full time students, and through earning money from part time jobs.

The loan given to a student in the UK is thought to be 1000 Pounds every year for accommodation and living expenses, in addition to being eligible for sustenance grant; as the full amount will be allocated on the basis of household total income, the highest amount of support is for those who are in bad need.

Now that there is leftover of a student loan, the amount left can be returned to the lender so that a foreign student reduces the money owed, and the Office of College Funds Aid can help in doing so.

The cities below host the cheapest kinds of accommodation for foreign students:

  1. Hull - £85 a week
  2. Dundee — £94 a week
  3. Sunderland — £95 a week
  4. Wolver Hampton — £99 a week
  5. Bradford — £100 a week
  6. Lancaster — £101 a week
  7. Preston — £103 a week

A student should realize that while rural regions are less expensive in having accommodations to stay in, still some urban regions are very convenient and cheap to live in during studying periods abroad. For further information just check the link below where a student can find about mouth-watering facilities in the UK.

student accommodation in the UK.