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Student Visa and Insurance System in the UK

Student Visa and Insurance System in the UK

Student Visa and Insurance System in the UK

Published on 26-May-2021

Student visa

International students visa is in need of a valid passport, or other valid document for traveling, a letter of acceptance from the respected university in the UK, a recent photograph and the English language certificate.

International students have to have either 1400 pound each monthto study programs in London or about 1050 pound each month to study programs out of London, as London is more expensive.

The fund required for a student visa must be almost 4000 pounds, so that the visa will not be refused for if the fund is less than that.

Nowadays in the UK a new graduate immigration method will be in between hands for international students who have attained a degree in the summer term of 2021; students will have the ability to work, look for work for up to two years; nevertheless, what their skill level is, or for three years if they hold a PhD.

Medical insurance

International students needn’t purchase medical insurance in the UK when studying there; just a student has to have a visa, which costs 470 Pounds a year to provide them access to the National Health System - NHS.

The UK’s health insurance is a standardized health national care system providing safe and up to date services, so international students do not have to purchase a private health insurance when going to the UK to study.

The visa which costs a student 470 Pounds will give them the right to benefit from different medical health services. International students pay these fees during submitting their application forms for visa, after which the visa will cover medical treatment for free such as: hospital care, emergency, ambulances, in addition to dental care services for lower prices at a NHS dentist.

As soon as a student arrives in the UK, it is something good to register with a general practitioner: a doctor who can treat some of popular health troubles, and most of those practitioners leave the choice to patients to choose either a male or female doctors.

The welfare of international students is the UK’s universities and colleges concern, so international students should not hesitate to share their problems with tutors, officers, students union in seeking for help.


It is one of the safest countries worldwide: In having low crime rates, police workforce which is honest, in addition to firm laws concerning gun ownership, so international students should bear in mind that the gun crime is almost non – existence in the UK.

Car Insurance

According to the last study, 20% of young drivers in The UK make road accidents, the higher the price of the car is, the higher the insurance price is, which is very important for a student to have if he studies abroad.

When a student he/she passed their driving test, they start looking for a car to purchase, so it is a good idea to find about insurance companies first which offer tailored prices for some car models that students are going to buy, so search for a car that does not cost as much money for insurance as possible to save hundreds of Pounds in the future.