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Arriving in the UK

Published on 26-May-2021

Any international student must have taken (COVID – 19 tests) and got a negative result during a period of 3 days before travelling. Travel test package, including COVID – 19 tests are to be finished before the second day, and after the 8th day of quarantine time.

If a foreign student travels from a red list country,  they must book for a quarantine hotel before where a student will be quarantined. Quarantine hotel, quarantine transport and travel test package for COVID – 19 on the second day and the 8th day of quarantine will be added to the students’ quarantine package.

Any student fails to comply with these instructions could be fined at least 10,000 Pounds,  sentenced to a – 10 – year prison, or by both, if they do not give any piece of evidence about the countries they have travelled to during 10 days before arriving in the UK. Breaking the quarantine conditions may expose students to a penalty of 10,000 Pounds. (Check details about these rules): guidance pages for updates.

As of February, 15, 2021, if a student comes from a country on the banned travel list, they will have to be quarantined for 10 days in the UK hotels; so a student will be supposed to reserve in a hotel quarantine package standing at 18100 Pounds which comprises the accommodation dates and the two COVID – 19 tests.

As of February, 15, 2021, if a student comes from non – banned countries, they will be supposed to have the two COVID – 19 tests, to be taken on the second day and the 8th day of their quarantine time.


Showing a photo of an ID of international students, the visa and the address is a must, as banks in the UK accept confirmed letters from respected universities to open students accounts.

There are two kinds of bank accounts in the UK: A current account and a saving account. Students normally open current accounts and they get a cheque book and a debit card which is mostly important in the UK.

Mobile phone and Internet

Students coming to the UK need to have mobile phones to keep in touch with different people. It is recommended to buy a pre – paid UK’s SIM card, and there are many networks to buy one from in the UK like: Vodafone, EE...

Make sure the phone brought to the UK from home is valid and can be used in the UK. At the same time pre – paid SIM card will give students good opportunities in not to be bound to any legal agreements, and these pr-paid cards do not require a credit check.

It is advisable that a student should have a UCL Wi – Fi if they use universities accommodation, but if they use private accommodations, it is good for them to have a 4G dongle.

Protecting the UK Borders

Any student travels to the UK by flight, they will definitely arrive in one of London’s key international airports: Gatwick or Heathrow, and sometimes in any main regional airports of the two cities.

Since July, 2020, international travel districts have been protected by the government orders to avoid any illegal breach via borders which make the country ever safe for locals and foreigners.

For international students, respected Authorities of Border Force will be with them when visiting the UK to follow up on their undergraduates and postgraduates studies.

Since of COVID – 19 pandemic, a large number of university students  remain indoors while continuing their studies, and even for the students in the UK, it is not easy for them to return home as they are stranded with their accommodation contracts expiring date, and it is too difficult to leave while the crisis poses a threat.