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Living in Canada

Published on 18-May-2021

Living expenses are supposed to be covered by international students in Canada, so they have to give evidence they are capable of having enough money to cover different costs.

International students studying in Canada may submit an application form to be granted permanent residency, while studying or later  if they fulfill the requirements of the Canadian immigration schedule.

Studying in Canada needs between 20,000 - 30,000 Canadian Dollars each year to cover tuition fees, and the rate could be less or more depending on the program and institution.

A foreign student needs between 20 - 40 Canadian Dollars every day to cover daily meals and drinks, and this relates to students' different daily habits in consumimg food.

In general a student needs between 700 - 1000 Canadian Dollars for public transport, groceries, mobile phone and on - campus rent on monthly basis which is, in my opinion, neither cheap nor expensive.

In Toronto, for instance, a student needs about 950 Canadian dollars to cover different costs per month except for rent.

Do not forget that the cost of living vary when taking into account the place of living and institution, so a student has to regulate his/her plans of living before  to be always thoughtful in sticking to his/her budget.

To save money and control different expenses, try to apply for a scholarship, get a job on - campus, check if your local bank in your mother country has any relations with any bank in Canada, and get a student credit card in Canada.

Also a student can make use of student discounts, living off campus, buying used textbooks, considering when to book for flights and try to spend as less money as possible by not dining out, but by taking most of your meals inside your accommodation. Stick to your budget and just buy what is necessary.

Using public transportation, not to staying awake till midnight and keeping on watching your expenses to set limits will help in reminding international students of their budget, so that they can calculate various daily costs by allowing a wide space just for essential expenses.