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Accommodation in USA

Published on 20-Jun-2021

On – campus accommodation

It is the best thing to prepare for if international students want to live in a safe and good place. Universities accommodation can be booked directly via students’ universities; the university accommodation is either in a form of private or shared rooms served or self served halls.

The campuses of universities are spacious through which students can walk, or bike and these campuses are distributed in southern and northern parts of the USA’s different institutions.

International students should choose between multiple types of accommodation in the first hand; the USA currently hosts about 1.6 million international students.

On – campus accommodation is called dormitories – dorms- which are the best to be chosen as living places while studying in the USA. These dorms have amenities such as water, internet, electricity and food outlets; the rooms are normally shared among 2 – 4 students; in addition, there are private rooms in availability.

On – campus accommodation for the first time gives international students a good chance to mix with different students from around the world in a bid to improve their relation, language and culture...

Some universities oblige students to stay in universities’ dorms for the first year of studying to experience the rich American culture, explore the many backgrounds of other nationalities...

The advantages of living in universitys’ dorms:

  • Considerably cheaper than private housing facilities.
  • Quick access to library and lecture halls.
  • Interaction is made easier.
  • No additional charges for most facilities.


The disadvantages of living in universitys’ dorms:

  • Lack of privacy.
  • You might not like your roommate.

Off- campus accommodation

Students can choose to live in off – campus so that less restrictions can be found. Off – campus accommodation is often in high demand having shared apartments as lots of students desire to live socially with other students, but these kinds of accommodation are more comfortable when they are compared to college dorms; also, there are private rooms.

Rooms of off – campus accommodation are more luxurious while having kitchens, bathrooms and halls shared with other students, so students can select among many apartments based on every one’s budget and desire.

Also, home stays are available in the USA where a student can live with a family having a separate room, and students are almost served and cared for. A student pays from $40 – 60 a day for any home stay.

The average costs of dorms in universities are from $ 9000 – 11000 a year, whereas private apartments’ costs vary from $700 – 3000 a month based on the type of apartment and location.