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Living expenses- USA

Published on 20-Jun-2021

A student’s estimated living costs in the USA stand at $10000 – 13000 a year when living in on – campus accommodation; these expenses are for a room, board, food, travel and accommodation.

Off – campus living expenses equal to $ 11000; where at private non- profitable institutions in on – campus, students pay an average amount of $ 13000 a year, and foreign students living in off – campus pay about $ 10000.

Living expenses in the USA for foreign students are rising with the course of time, and they are more than doubled for the recent three decades. Despite this, the USA is still cheaper than many European countries.

These are the monthly fixed expenses in the USA for a foreign student to know:

  • Property taxes (if paying monthly)
  • Strata fee / condo fee.
  • House / tenant insurance.
  • Utility bills (cable, cell, electricity, water, etc.)
  • Lease / car loan payment.
  • Vehicle insurance (if paying monthly)

The main cost of living expenses are: Housing, food, transportation, health medical care... and commuting payments might not be the same depending on a student’s job and how they reach their work.

International students pay about $ 25000 – 35000 a year at public universities for tuition fees, while private universities are more expensive whose fees are between $30000 - 45000, and these fees could vary from one private university to another to reach up to 50000 – 55000 a year.  

Fees paid by international students generate remarkable revenues to the higher education system; foreign students also pay for other goods and many utilities, facilities and lots of services with which students help in improving the host country’s economy. This is the reason behind too expensive tuition fees paid by international students to have in return a developed, unique and incomparable education system.