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Work in Ireland

Published on 23-May-2021

It is not easy to work in Ireland for the third country nationals, and it is easier for students from EU, EEA to work. So the visa will detect the kind of work a foreign student can take.

Experience and major of study play a great role in finding work for foreign students of third level countries. The most jobs that are strongly in high demand are:

  • Browse Technology Jobs. Engineering: Automation Engineer. ...
  • Browse Engineering Jobs. Financial Services – Risk & compliance professionals within Asset Management. ...
  • Browse Financial Services Jobs. Insurance – compliance professionals. ...
  • Browse Insurance Jobs. ...
  • Browse Language Jobs. ...
  • Browse Marketing Jobs.

International students who want to get a PR – Permanent Residency – should make their academic and work profile so as excellent as possible: They can achieve this by always evaluating their academic score and doing internships, and the last thing to have is a work permit. Basically, international students will get a PR , if they have been in Ireland for more than three years.

International students other than EU or EEA are not eligible to work a full – time work, but casual work which means casual employment in hiring employees during high business periods to meet needs of different companies having shortage in staff.

Casual work is not as beneficial as part – time or full – time work, as casual employees are not entitled to proceeding on their work in the future, and they are not entitled to modern awards, and leaves of different types either personal, parental..., with no specific hours of daily work, in addition to being paid less than full – time or part- time work.

Stamp2 verifies permission to study a full – time program that is not on the official interim list of  programs considered  for a definite time. They can work up to 20 hours a week during studying periods, and up to 40 hours a week in holidays.

Having stamp2, students can leave the country up to three months, or a few more; and the reasons behind leaving and coming back are connected with rules and standards approved by authorities due to COVID-19. They will be allowed to return to the country in September.