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Arriving in Ireland

Published on 23-May-2021

International students who desire to study in Ireland have to take a COVID – 19 tests, but not more than 72 hours before arriving in Ireland and the tests must be negative to travel.

This decision was taken recently as of 16, January 2021. When international students arrive in Ireland, they will be in use of one of the three international airports: Dublin Airport, Cork Airport or Shannon Airport all of which are served by taxi, car hire services or bus.

Shuttle van bus services are provided for international students who are spending their first nights in one of the hotels which are nearby. So, international students have to check in with the concerned hotel at the time of booking to affirm.

Banking in Ireland is easy and modern financial system is in place; banks normally open at 9.30 am and close at 4.30 pm from Monday until Friday. Many banks offer free banking, so students have to check banks different services before opening accounts to choose the most convenient one.

A Valid passport, driving license, national ID card and Irish home address are essential documents to abide by international money laundering legislation when opening a bank account. So, it is difficult to open a bank account from overseas as students have to have a proof of address in the form of a utility bill: Like electricity bill.

International students from non – EU, EEA or Switzerland must register personally with the Garda National Immigration Bureau - GNIB, on arrival and after completing registration at the respected institution. The GNIB will provide students with a residence permit – GNIB card, the fee of which is 300 pounds paid by the credit card or laser card...


International students are required to bring the following documents to register at the bureau:

  • Valid passport;
  • Current student card;
  • Evidence of financial support, e.g. current bank statement showing your name, a letter of guarantee from parent or guardian indicating availability of sufficient funds to sustain you for the duration of your stay in Ireland; or a letter from your sponsoring body confirming financial status.
  • A letter from the college including your student status, start date and the duration of your course and stating that fees have been paid.
  • Evidence of private health insurance.
  • €300 - this must be paid by credit card, laser card or bank giro.

Orientation is the first step to be taken by the chosen institution; Orientation sessions are held at the beginning of the academic year, by which students are introduced to college life and services, and some institutions give students the opportunity to have sessions on each individual course, as these kinds of sessions and activities help students  cope with the new life in a bid to ensure students enjoy and make use of everything of institution’s special life.

With respect to phones, the popular terms used there are mobile phones or smart phones, and the best companies that offer mobile phone coverage are: Eir, Three and Vodaphone.

The fastest internet in Ireland is PURE Telecom whose instant speed reaches 1000 MB+ Home Phone which has a speed of 1GB,the cost of which is 40 pounds every month for the first year and 75 pounds every month afterwards.