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Living expenses in Ireland

Published on 23-May-2021

Living expenses in Ireland for international students estimated at  8000 – 13000 pounds a year, comprising rent, electricity, books, food, laundry and medical care, but tuition fees are not included in these expenses.

The following costs are paid once – (one – off costs)- which are for the visa application form, travel insurance, medical insurance, TV, mobile phone, deposit for accommodation and registration with the police.

The different expenses for basic needs are as follows depending on the last statistics conducted in 2020:


Monthly (€)

Annual (€)













Books  & Class materials









Social life





How much students in need of money to have will fluctuate based on the place they choose to live in Ireland, the kind of accommodation and basically, personal different lifestyles, but, in a way or another, students will, on average, spend 8000  – 13000 a year.

Also, students have to pay for respected university to support clubs, societies and examination entries yearly, and these payments, at maximum, reach about EUR 3000. These costs are changing every year and they are different from one university to another.

International students must be sure that they will have sufficient fund to be able to study and live in Ireland, even if they find work, as living expenses cannot be covered depending on work alone for any international student studying in Ireland.