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Studying in Ireland

Published on 21-May-2021

Ireland is a good country, safe, vivid and friendly to study at its universities which are highly qualified by international standards, in addition to the environment hosting hospitable people with incomparable sense of entertainment ensuring living in Ireland is a non – precedential experience.

The country of Ireland is an English speaking one, entailing as the same features as the English – speaking world, UK, in particular, located very close to the country of Ireland, and The USA and Ireland have the same economic and cultural characteristics.

International students can be free to have any of the programs submitted by each university in a bid to make their needs available as much as possible by having scientific, technological attainments as well as popular languages, arts and humanities...

The process of applying to study in Ireland depends on whether a student is from EU or a non – EU status, and this status will not be changed after a one – year registration.

The non – EU students have to apply to the higher education centres in Ireland, whereas EU students have to apply to the Central Applications Office – CAO.

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs vary between 10000 - 26000 pounds, for post graduate programs the fees are from 10000 – 35000 pounds, and for the PhD program the tuitions stand in between 10000 - 35000 pounds annually.

So, studying in Ireland is not as expensive as studying in the UK, for instance, as the life expenses and essential living requirements in Ireland are affordable when it is compared with other countries around.

Any international student want to study in Ireland for free has to submit a good application form, attain high grades before his enrollment in the university, look for affordable universities, apply to get a scholarship, try to be rational and clever in writing essays and other required documents,  not be in a hurry while submitting tests. It is good to have a job while you are studying in Ireland; all of these points will enhance the process of achieving a scholarship in a competitive drive.

The requirement for a student visa are a valid passport, letter of acceptance approving that you have been accepted for a full – time program, English certificate – IELTS  or TOEFL and  statement declaring payment of tuition fees.

The cheapest universities in imposing tuition fees in Ireland are:

  • University of Limerick.
  • University College Cork.
  • Cork Institute of Technology.
  • Patrick's College.
  • Dublin Business School.