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Accommodation in Ireland

Published on 23-May-2021

There are a number of accommodations in Ireland, like university accommodation which is very expensive and cannot be found easily.

All universities have what is called halls of residence, which are as small flats hosting from 4 – 8 students, with a private bedroom and in common kitchen, living room and bathroom.

On – campus accommodation is  paid over two installments, In September and February, and monthly payment is not common in Ireland, and students have to pay one month in advance via students’ bank accounts, and this deposit will have been refunded by the time of leaving.

The luxorious facilities  such as heating, electricity must be paid for as these utilities are extra in each accommodation. But Students who choose to have an independent accommodation must pay on monthly basis with the first month paid in advance, and will have been refunded when leaving if there are no damages caused by students to different facilities of a rent.

The length of a lease is 9 – 12 months. The deposit will be deducted if any term of the lease is violated, as the deposit is given to a student one month before leaving the rent.

Home stays is another kind of accommodation available in Ireland, where a student lives with a host family - in their home - by this a student is independent in having a separate room, but still a student has to abide by some rules.

The host family helps students  find out everything about the city in the new country, they will help students in taking their meals, socializing, upgrading their English language and making new friends around easily in a safe manner and comfortable environment.

The international student platform is called:, which permits direct contact between room advertisers and tenants who are available  looking for a rent. This way is a good way of exchange. International students can make use of this opportunity to save some money by helping new foreign students to live in their accommodations while they are leaving them temporarily. this is called students exchange.

Always international students must look for accommodations that are close to university, and how easy it is to get to the campus using available transportation. In addition, foreign students should stick to their budget and live within their capabilities and potentials, and not to forget firstly, to start looking for any accommodation as early as possible.

Accommodation shared cost stands at 160 pounds a week, and 170 pounds for a university accommodation. In general a student pays from 7000 – 13000 pounds a year depending on the kind of accommodation.