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    Located in the south of Sydney, Australia, the coast line of Wollongong consists of beaches and a number of rock pools. Wollongong is a city set in the region of Illawarra of New South Wales, Australia, and the city was known by the name “The Gong”.

    The area of the city stands at 572.2 km2 living on its land, according to 2018 ‘ statistics, a population reached in number to about 295,889 divided into five main ancestries nominated as follows: English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and Italian.

    The origin word for Wollongong is woolyungah, which relates to five islands. A number of Illawarra’s Traditional Custodians directed the early European settlers, accompanied with their livestock, down the sweeps in 1815.

    The city is famous for its heavy industry in having ancient history concerning coal mining, in addition to industry. So the port of the city is energetic as the physical location of the port is unique occupying a plain which is in a shape of narrow coast set between consecutive chain of surf beaches and the downhill of Illawarra sweeps saturated by rainforest.

    It is a nice place to live in as it has marvelous beaches having easy access. Favourite places in the city would be like Wollongong City Beach which is located in a 5 – minute drive from the city, Beach Cove and Bellmore Basin that can be reached in a 7 -  minute drive.

    Coal storages were documented firstly by the Navigator George Bass in 1797. The coal mines have been found in a great deal in the region. A huge blast was taken place in 1902 at the Mount Kembla mine in which 100 men and some children were killed. That was the worst coal mining incidents as the region have hosted a lot of coalmines.


    Living Expenses in Wollongong

    A 4 – member family needs a month about AUS$3,900 without rent, as an international student, you need, monthly, for living expenses, without rent, about AUS$1,300. Wollongong is, in living expenses, considered as not expensive as New York, without rent, as it is about 20% less expensive.

    Students who don’t walk or cycle to the university but like to catch public transport, the city has a free loop bus running between the university and city centre. Driving is not a well – known commuting choice for there is a lack of on – campus parking.

    Living expenses in a list in Wollongong in AUS$:

    •  One loaf of bread (250g)= 1.505
    • 🥚A dozen eggs= 2.79
    • One kilo of chicken wings= 11.75
    • 🍏 1 kilogram of apples= 4.73
    • One liter of milk= 1.92
    • 🧀 One Kilogram of Local Cheese= 9.09
    • 🥗A Kilogram of lettuce= 2.68
    • One Kilogram of onions= 3.25
    • 🍟 1 Kilogram of potatoes= 4.44
    • 🍅 1 Kg of tomatoes= 5.66
    • 🍊1 Kg of oranges= 4.44
    • 🍌1 Kilogram of bananas= 4.31
    • A 1.5l bottle of water= 12.23
    • 🍷A bottle of wine without alcohol= 13.75
    • 🍺 Jar of 0.5l of local beer= 4.78
    • 33l bottle of imported beer= 7.02
    • 🌯Food for one person in a cheap restaurant= 14.51
    • 🥘Food for two in a good restaurant= 71.8
    • 🍔Macdonald menu= 9.09
    • ☕️Coffee with milk in a cafeteria= 4.59
    • 🥤Can of soda (0.33l)= 2.83
    • Water bottle (0.33l)= 2.72
    • Monthly public transport ticket =  82
    • Deodorant, roll – on 50ml =   5
    • Dinner for two in Italian restaurant (main course, dessert...)= 101
    • Summer dress from Zara Store =   82
    • Monthly rent in expensive area, 85m2 , furnished = 2,600
    • Monthly rent in normal area, 85m2 , furnished = 200 and less

    Nevertheless, the city has many affordable eating options due to the city’s history of having a range of migrations, with heavy impacts of Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Asia. Furthermore, discounts prices are in place in the pubs, distributed in the city, for students, having Wednesday marked as “student night”.


    The Culture in Wollongong

    The activities that are below are among many other ones for anyone who likes arts and music which they can be displayed in Wollongong:

    Also, local and international artists and musicians are celebrated by active arts and festivals, and there are always lots of activities to have for whoever fond of creativity splashed by the distinctive location of Wollongong.

    Owls Festival is held every year showing a street art which displays local and international acclaimed street artists. In addition, other festivals are held yearly like an award – winning, waste – wise arts and community festivals. Let alone the multiple art galleries of different types which can be explored in the city of Wollongong.

    Wollongong is described as a city emerged to be an Australia’s leading street art regions recently, the top of which are the Wonder walls Festival which is popular nationally founded in 2012 having been attracting the best artists worldwide to the city for so long.


    Weather and Environment

    The climate is warm and temperate. The rainfall does almost exist around the year even during the driest months. The average temperatures in the city of Wollongong vary between 13 – 210 C (54.5 – 60 0F) , the month of July is the coldest month.

    The pretty well - constructed destination of Wollongong grants the city a distinctive geography: It is positioned on a narrow coastal plain surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the east and the nice slopes of rocks in the west. The Illawarra districts entail the three local government regions of Wollongong, Shell harbour and Kiama.

    So it is good to study at University of Wollongong for the environment is excellent for study and living. The small population, the natural places around, moderate and mild climate introduces the city as an easy destination to explore; meantime, it is not far from the main city having an education system that is highly appreciated in being in line with worldwide standards, let alone that the city is rated as most livable city in Australia.


    Work in Wollongong

    The University Job Board staff plans a number of chances for international students looking for a job while studying full time study at a university. In addition, you have the opportunity to be informed with information about your rights as an employee, payments and anything international students have to know before finding work in Wollongong, Australia.

    There is also Career Expose which is a kind of opportunity for you to talk with lots of employers in one place. The Expos is held at the university of Wollongong covering many multiple industries, or just related to one industry, like nursing, healthcare... and sometimes there are employer sessions, when you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with those representing chosen organizations.

    Jobs on Campus provide casual jobs at the university, admitting students to employers searching for students to hire as a customer service in retail outlets to office work. The program will make sure students are well introduced to the process of application by having them prepared definitely in completing of job – seeking workshops, and aware of expectations concerning professionalism in the place of work.

    Districts of Wollongong

    Wollongong City combines the suburbs and rural localities of Austinmer, Avon (part), Avondale, Balgownie, Bellambi, Berkeley, Brownsville, Bulli, Cataract (part), Cleveland, Clifton, Coal cliff, Cole dale, Coniston, Cordeaux, Cordeaux Heights, Corrimal, CringilaDap to, Darkles Forest (part), Dumbarton, East Corrimal.

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