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    Inspiring global spirits
    The coming together of Eurocentres and Bayswater represents a new era in international education. Our collective experience represents a powerhouse in today’s international education sector.

    We’re passionate about growing communities of global thinkers and explorers, at home and abroad – whatever their story. We set up Bayswater Education because we want young people from every walk of life to get a buzz from discovering new cultures, exploring new flavours, and learning what’s out there. We think of them as global spirits, like ourselves.

    Our mission
    Our mission to inspire and educate begins in our beautiful, modern classrooms and extends to communities and cultures across the globe. Designed for today’s young people, our network of centres offers a chance to learn valuable vocational skills, inspire life-changing experiences and teach them the value of giving back.

    Giving back
    Our One for One initiative means that when a student signs up, we give a place to a less fortunate student. So, they’re not only improving their own life, but someone else’s too. Just a few months studying in one of the world’s most exciting cities can spark transformation on every level.

    Why Study at Bayswater?
    In 2021 we joined forces with Eurocentres, an icon in our industry with over 70 years’ experience, representing a new era in international education. This is where experience meets progress. Together, as Bayswater, we have become a leading provider of experiential education to Generation Z. We offer a wide range of courses that give students relevant, cutting-edge skills for the future economy, whilst satisfying every young person’s dream of exploring the world and expanding their horizons.

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