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    You will join multi-national language classes following a syllabus closely mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, covering key language domains, skills and competencies appropriate to your level of ability.

    Objectives: This programme of study is intended to enhance the all-round language and communication skills of those who wish to work or study more effectively in an international context. You will improve your language skills and also enhance your inter-cultural communication.
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      General Course
    • Lessons Per Week 
      20 Lessons
    • Hours Per Week 
      20 Hours
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      60 Minutes
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    OHC English
    OHC English - MelbourneAustraliaAustralia , Melbourne

    The OHC Melbourne Campus building is located in the CBD, close to Transport, Cafés, Restaurants, Gardens, Parks and Designer Shopping. And with one of the best public transport systems in Australia right on our campus doorstep, it’s easy to take full advantage of all this wonderful city has to offer either by foot, bike, tram or train.
    What better place to learn, study and speak English than in Marvellous Melbourne rich in culture, the mecca for the Arts, Music, Theatre, Fashion, Major International Sporting Events & Entertainment.
    Consistently voted one of the World’s Most Liveable Cities’ and the most diverse and European of all Australian capitals; Melbourne boasts some of the best cuisine in the Southern Hemisphere, with amazing and quirky architecture and laneways. It has multi-culturalism at its very heart exemplified by its vast array of cuisines, diverse backgrounds and cultural influences and has one the greatest concentration of Universities in Australia.