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    General English - Sydney - English



    You will join multi-national language classes following a syllabus closely mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, covering key language domains, skills and competencies appropriate to your level of ability.

    Objectives: This programme of study is intended to enhance the all-round language and communication skills of those who wish to work or study more effectively in an international context. You will improve your language skills and also enhance your inter-cultural communication.
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      General Course
    • Lessons Per Week 
      20 Lessons
    • Hours Per Week 
      20 Hours
    • Lesson Duration 
      60 Minutes
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    OHC English
    OHC English - SydneyAustraliaAustralia , Sydney

    The OHC Sydney Campus is located in the heart of the city in York Street; surrounded by award-winning Cafes, Restaurants and Shopping. With great city-centre transport links and just a stone’s throw from two central railway stations. Our campus is both a fantastic study location and an ideal base to explore the bustling city.

    From the brilliant blue Sydney Harbour which is framed by our world-famous “Coat Hanger” Harbour Bridge, the architecturally stunning Opera House, to the bustling heart of the city’s business hub. With its glorious city and suburban Beaches, Gardens, Parks and a lively social centre, Sydney offers the traveller an unparalleled range of experiences and the student a perfect backdrop to study and learn English in Australia.

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