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    Duration 48 month(s)
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    USD 28,500  / year
    Apply Date November-2021
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    Overview Every undergraduate student from Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma faces a series of difficult questions in designing her or his overall program of courses and to pursue a particular career? How are my other degree requirements related to my major, or vice versa? What can I do with an anthropology major? If I am specifically interested in one of the subfields in anthropology, why do I have to take courses in the other subfields? And what courses should I take to best prepare for my career interests? Ultimately, each student must find the answers and make the decisions on these matters, and here we can help by formulating questions and posing alternatives. Moreover, the student should seek information and guidance from a wide variety of sources in and outside the University community. The Departmental adviser and each faculty member in the Department are always willing to talk with you about these matters.Here are some tips from some senior anthropology majors:Make an effort early in college to get to know anthropology faculty. This will increase your opportunities within the department and provide a sound basis for future letters of reference.Join and participate in the Undergraduate Anthropology Society. Also participate in other organizations, such as Oklahoma Anthropological Society (OAS), American Anthropological Association (AAA), National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA), and attend local conferences (as well as national ones when you can).Communicate your interests to your adviser and faculty so they can steer you toward opportunities in your area. Further your interests through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), paper presentations, volunteer work, etc.CareerA major in anthropology provides an excellent liberal arts education, serving as a solid academic foundation from which to choose a career. Competency developed in the areas of research methods, foreign languages, statistics, computer technology, and written and verbal skills, coupled with anthropological course work, enables an anthropology major graduate to gain employment in a wide variety of professions, including contract archaeology, teaching, international relations, community planning, government (federal, state, and local), museums and other similar institutions, and social work. It also prepares you for graduate school, not only in anthropology, but also in library studies, law school, and medical school. While a major in anthropology can prepare you for a specific job, it also allows for flexibility in the job market that many other majors cannot match. The Anthropology Department advisors conduct a fall semester workshop specifically on "Careers for Anthropology Graduates;" announcements for this workshop are posted and mailed to our undergraduate students. I want to find another Bachelor Course
    Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma is a social science that covers the breadth of human experience and encompasses four subfields: archaeology, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. One of the characteristics that distinguishes anthropology from many other disciplines is its adherence to the concept of cultural relativism.




    Other Requirements

    • 1 : Official high school transcript that reflects at least six semesters of work completed and includes your GPA computed on an unweighted 4.0 scale and your class rankOfficial test scores to us through ACT and/or The College Board. Your test scores may also be included on your official high school transcriptLetter of recommendationOfficial copies of any AP or CLEP test scores

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    USD 28,500  / year
    University of Oklahoma


    University of Oklahoma

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