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    Next Intake Deadlines20-Aug-2023
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    Duration 5 year(s)
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    SAR 3,050  / credit
    Next Intake 20-Aug-2023

    Bachelor of Architecture


    In conformity with Dar Al-Hekma University’s mission of "Graduating leaders and entrepreneurs who embody the values of the university by providing an educational environment that encourages development, creativity, scientific research, and community service.", the Department of Architecture strives to adequately prepare distinguished leaders in the field of architecture and responsible citizens in the community and beyond.

    The department provides quality technical education that integrates theory and practice with a foundation in the arts and sciences. The Bachelor of Architecture program expands the University’s mission and seeks to instill in its students and prepare them for living in a globally interconnected world. As opportunities arise, we hope to participate in international student competitions and team up with colleagues from abroad with shared interests.

    In 2008, Dar Al-Hekma approached the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) to assist in developing the Architecture Program. For almost eight months (November 2008 to August 2010), a team from UCD worked on developing the curriculum. During this time, there were constant amendments and developments based on discussions between the UCD team and the University’s architecture and interior design team to ensure that the curriculum's environmental, contextual, and cultural qualities remained relevant to the particular context of the Kingdom. ​​In 2018, the department launched its Master of​ Architecture Program.​

    We also strive, through our design studios, to instill in our students a global awareness and knowledge about architectural practice and challenges in other parts of the world. To generate a rich body of ideas, questions, and design criteria and foster intensive individual and collective learning, Thus, each student would be exposed to a wide range of paradigmatic design solutions, several of which will always represent work in other parts of the world to illustrate differences in cultural, political, socio-economic, climatic, and other conditions. ​ Besides, the university's undergraduate scholarships program hopes to make studying architecture more accessible for those with limited financial resources so that all students can have the opportunity to develop their skills in this important field.​


    Entry Requirements

    1. The applicant must between the ages of 17 and 25 for bachelor’s degree, Diploma in Arabic Studies, or any other equivalent qualification. For a master’s degree their age should not exceed 30 and for a PhD they should not be older than 35.
    2. Consent to study in the Kingdom must be given by the government of the applicant from those countries that stipulate the same for Saudi students.
    3. The applicant should not have previously attained a scholarship to study in any educational institute in the Kingdom.
    4. All certificates and identification papers must be attested by the authorities specified by the educational institute.
    5. The applicant should not have been previously expelled from any educational institute in the Kingdom.
    6. The applicant must pass a medical exam stipulated by Saudi law and the Ministry of Education.

    Fee Information

    Tuition Fee

    SAR 3,050  / credit

    How to Apply

    A Service that provides a unified portal for submitting and processing scholarship applications offered by the ministry of education and its institutions to study in Saudi Saudi public university education institutions, with the aim of making the application process for scholarships for advanced students easier and more flexible.

    • If you do not have an account in Study In Saudi portal, click on the New User icon Choose the type of ID required and complete the information
    • Complete the required registration information
    • Choose how to send the verification code
    • Enter the verification code sent to the email
    • A verification code will be sent to your registered email, After entering the verification code, you will receive an email to activate the user and set the password. Click on the set password link
    • After logging in, click on My Services icon, then My profile to fill out the profile
    • The information that was entered appears at the stage of creating the account, and the user must complete the other personal data, then click on Save and Continue
    • The user fills in the contact information and then clicks Save

    Note: You must enter your personal data correctly. If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook account, please write “None.

    • After logging in, click on the Apply for Study Now icon to submit the application
    • After clicking on the new application icon, you must agree to the terms and conditions for the scholarship application, select the scholarship type, then click on Save and Continue

    Note: The internal scholarship is for international students residing in Saudi Arabia, and the external scholarship is for international students residing outside of Saudi Arabia.

    • In the second step, you must enter the basic data for the application, then click Save and Continue
    • In the third step, you must enter the qualification details, then click on Save and Continue
    • In the fourth step, you must enter languages details, then click Save and Continue
    • In the fifth step, you must enter universities details, then click Save and Continue
    • In the sixth step, you must upload the required attachments, then click on Save and Continue
    • In the final step, you must review all the application information and then click Submit

    It will appear as a successfully submitted message after the request is sent.

    In the My Requests tab, you will find your requests with the status.

    The requests that were returned to you or were not completed will also appear in the My Pending Tasks tab, and you can delete them

    Dar Al-Hekma University

    Bachelor of Architecture

    Dar Al-Hekma University

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