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    Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Business
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    Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Business

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    Duration 4 years
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    AUD 34,120  / year
    Next Intake September-2024

    Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Business


    Combine the diverse, transferable skills of an arts degree with the practical knowledge of business studies to build a critical understanding of life and work in the Tropics. Develop a solid foundation of sociocultural contexts to underpin your learning in business operations and strategies, making you a well-rounded professional. Graduate with advanced communication and research skills to stand out in any field.

    Discover the interconnections between the humanities and enterprise as you consider the principles of arts and business. This flexible four-year joint degree covers study areas across business, the social sciences and humanities, giving you a well-rounded perspective on how businesses operate in different societies — from within the Tropics to throughout Australia and around the world.

    In your first year, you will study core subjects relevant to all business and arts majors, building a foundation for the rest of your studies. You can also tailor your degree to suit your interests by selecting your preferred major and various combinations of a second major, or a maximum of two minors. Choose from a range of majors including Anthropology, History, Human Resources Management, Politics and International Relations and Marketing for the Digital Age.

    No matter what business major you select, you will be equipped for your future career through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component of the Bachelor of Business degree. In your second and third years of study, you will put your knowledge and skills to the test in real-world scenarios during short-term WIL experiences, which can include internships with an industry partner. Each of these experiences prepare you for your final-year placement within a local business, where your career development will have you ready to take on whatever your post-graduation career may hold.

    Expand your understanding of the nuances of business through an in-depth consideration of humanity. In the Bachelor of Arts degree, each major is designed to give you the tools to understand the world and the people around you. With the ability to identify the underlying factors of social settings, contracts and transactions, you will be able to do better business — with empathy, understanding and strategy. The knowledge you’ll gain in history, politics, economics and social systems and the skills you’ll obtain in research, observation and communication will position you to stand out from the crowd in the worlds of enterprise and the arts.

    Combining a knowledge of business and enterprise with knowledge in your chosen area of the arts opens doors of opportunities in your future career. Deepen your understanding of human behaviour as you identify how business and economics influence social changes. The mix of transferrable skills that you gain with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts will enhance your employability. You’ll have the ability to pursue your chosen field with greater independence, using your capacity for entrepreneurship to develop your own business in the area of your arts study, such as using your network to effectively market and sell your artistic creations, becoming a consultant in the area of your expertise, or innovating new ways to make work in your field profitable.

    You can choose from 3 business majors and 11 arts majors. Not all majors are available at every campus.

    View the handbook for a detailed overview of available subjects.


    Show additional information about majors


    JCU’s Bachelor of Arts offers 11 majors for you to choose from. Each major provides you with in-depth knowledge in that area.


    Study history, languages, politics, economics and social systems. Understand cultural and ethnic differences and analyse how people’s beliefs fit into a wider social, political and economic context.

    Learn the research, observation and interview techniques that will equip you to work with those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Develop skills critical in decision making for governments, corporations and not-profit organisations.

    Explore Anthropology


    Develop skills in archaeological site recording and conservation. Participate in field trips to investigate heritage site excavations and Aboriginal Australian rock art sites.

    You may also have the opportunity to travel on South-East Asian excursions. You will learn the fundamentals of archaeology, then expand on this knowledge with more specialised offerings in Evolutionary, Forensic, Asian, Australian and European Archaeology.

    Explore Archaeology


    Learn why people are motivated to commit crime and explore strategies to prevent law-breaking and rehabilitate offenders. Throughout your studies, you can participate in a wide range of extracurricular criminology student activities.

    This course equips you with skills to help make a difference in your community. It combines subjects from Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Social Work and Law.

    Explore Criminology


    Gain critical communication and reasoning skills and develop your understanding of the English language, while growing your passion for reading and writing. JCU English major students examine a wide range of literary periods and genres that provide a comprehensive source of historical and cultural understanding.

    Grow your passion for written and visual literature as you study the talents of Shakespeare, diverse forms of cinema, Australian literature, children’s literature and more.

    Explore English


    Gain an intimate knowledge of humanity by examining past societies and cultures. You will study the history of North Queensland and develop your understanding of Australian history.

    Analyse major historical events in a global context and investigate how political, economic and environmental events shaped different communities. Graduates have the skills needed for careers that demand strong research and communication abilities.

    Explore History

    Human Geography

    Explore the interrelationship between people and their natural and built environments. Develop specialist skills including urban planning and design, regional sustainability, and social and environmental impact assessment.

    Become proficient in identifying problems, communicating explanations, analysing data, and relevant computing techniques. Graduates develop recommendations to assist in solving major social and environmental problems.

    Explore Human Geography

    Human Services

    Develop skills that will prepare you to work with marginalised and vulnerable people. Study social policy, community planning and development, education and capacity building, organisational practice and social responsibility.

    Benefit from JCU’s research culture and working relationships with government agencies and local community groups. You will gain practical skills and experience through field trips and project work.

    Explore Human Services

    Indigenous Studies

    Expand your understanding of the complex interface between Indigenous and Western knowledge, perspectives and practices in Australia today. Explore Indigenous knowledge and traditions, colonial disruptions, and Indigenous re-assertion in the current era, from the local to the global.

    Some subjects include field trips, and one includes an optional international trip to an Indigenous community. Graduates are prepared to engage thoughtfully with Indigenous Australians and Indigenous issues in professional and community spaces.

    Explore Indigenous Studies

    Politics and International Relations

    Take a deep dive into the people, institutions and issues involved in Australian and international politics. Explore political processes, policy, diplomacy, political economy, and globalisation of Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

    You will examine Australia's global position and role, economic and social policies, traditional and non-traditional threats to security, poverty and other topics relevant to our modern society.

    Explore Politics and International Relations

    Psychology Studies

    Gain a deeper understanding of the biological, social and cultural factors that influence how humans think, feel and behave. Explore the history of psychology, the nervous system, memory, cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, health psychology, personality and psychological disorders.

    This major is not accredited. If you want to become a Registered Psychologist, find out more about the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). This major is not available at Cairns campus.


    Develop the analytical skills to learn how society is organised and how we interact with each other. Study social trends and understand why and how societies and institutions have developed through history.

    Gain social science research tools and explore a diverse range of topics. Examine the societal issues of the Tropics, including race, gender identity, poverty and wealth.

    Explore Sociology


    A major is your chosen area of subject specialisation. JCU’s Bachelor of Business degree has three majors for you to choose from. You can choose to add a second major to your preferred major or a maximum of two minors. However, when studying a joint degree such as the Bachelor of Arts — Bachelor of Business, it is recommended to choose one major from each degree to ensure a manageable workload.

    Human Resources Management

    Discover what motivates employees and how you can boost performance and productivity in organisations. Learn how to effectively communicate, develop positive employment relations and create environments that help people thrive. Your passion for human resources can take you across industries within Australia and around the world.

    Explore Human Resource Management


    Use your love of innovation, entrepreneurship and people-management to strengthen your employability. Learn how to lead businesses in highly competitive environments, solve complex organisational problems, plan effectively and hire the right employees. Managing finances, resources, and direct business operations with confidence in a fast-paced setting. You will learn a variety of transferable skills, important in managing a business or team in any industry.

    Explore Management

    Marketing for the Digital Age

    Gain the skills to speak directly to your customers through traditional advertising, digital marketing and social media. Your creativity and understanding of people will help you to become an effective marketer, fulfilling the needs of your customers or growing a new customer base. Develop industry knowledge by creating sustainable marketing strategies for real-world businesses. Transfer your skills across organisations in private, public, and non-profit sectors and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

    Explore Marketing

    Bachelor of Arts and Business

    JCU has designed the Bachelor of Business and Arts joint degree to offer students a flexible skillset for a diverse job market after graduation. The course is designed to start students off with a strong foundation in both humanities and business before allowing them to choose up to two majors or one major and two minors. Between business and the arts, there are a total of 14 majors to choose from, and the combination of disciplines prepares students for a world that values both practicality and creativity.

    Career Prospects for a Business-Arts Double Degree

    Thanks to the versatility of this joint degree, your career prospects are almost limitless. Your interest can head more towards business or the arts; regardless, one discipline will scaffold the other throughout your career. With so many majors and minors to combine and choose from, this Bachelor of Business and Arts in Queensland allows you to prepare for your future how you want. More importantly, this degree allows you to effect the changes you believe society needs.

    Are you passionate about criminal justice but less interested in law? Your studies in a Criminology major can help you identify socioeconomic issues that lead to crime. You can combine that with a major or minor in Marketing for the Digital Age or Management to promote existing NGOs or start your own to begin healing communities and reducing crime.

    With a mix of Psychology Studies and Human Resources Management, you can effectively mediate conflicts and resolve internal issues in any business you join. These are just some examples of what you can pursue, and they barely scratch the surface.

    The possibilities abound with this Bachelor of Arts and Business at Queensland JCU.

    Practical Experience Through Work Integrated Learning

    At JCU, the benefits of interdisciplinary learning are not theoretical. You are not merely studying very different subjects concurrently and hoping to combine them eventually. This degree is set up to ensure every student receives practical experience before graduation. Regardless of your choice of combined majors, you’ll find a practical option for you in this degree. Every student requires their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component to graduate. The WIL involves short-term work in a real-world setting, which includes internships in the industry you plan to enter or a closely related one.

    Application and Getting Started with Your Business & Arts Double Degree

    For the best interdisciplinary education, choose JCU. You can begin your application for the Bachelor of Arts and Business using the Online Application Portal. You can also learn more about other double arts degrees, such as the Bachelor of Arts and Laws and the Bachelor of Arts and Science.

    Hide additional information

    Inherent requirements

    Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Business.


    Honours is available in each discipline as additional 24 credit points of study. Refer to either the  Bachelor of Arts (Honours), or the Bachelor of Business (Honours) Handbook for eligibility information.

    This course provides a foundation of Information Technology and Information System skills for entrants with limited IT experience. It also provides opportunities for experienced Information Technology and Systems professionals to enhance and apply their skills within emerging technology driven growth areas.

    You will learn how to apply Information Systems and Technologies in meeting current business needs in a real-world environment by integrating theoretical learnings with the practical application and experiences learnt through working on projects with real clients.

    You will graduate with relevant practical experiences to help you hit the ground running into a successful and exciting career in your chosen field.

    MITS also provides an optional opportunity for high achieving students to qualify to participate in a research project, offering valuable experience for your future career, or potentially being the first step on your path to a PhD.


    Entry Requirements

    English Program Requirements

    International students must attain an IELTS Academic with an average level of 7.5 or more, across the four components of listening, speaking, reading and writing; no score below level 7.0 in any of these components; and a score of 8.0 or more in the components of speaking and listening. Internationally schooled applicants may also be required to meet this requirement.

    English competency requirements may also be satisfied through completion of one of the following:

    • Bachelor degree or master degree from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the USA, or
    • Undergraduate degree taught in English from a South African University.


    A JCU Arts-Business degree prepares you to work across a variety of occupations and industries.

    Depending on your choice of majors, you could pursue a career in areas such as human resources, policy analysis or community planning and development.

    JCU Arts-Business graduates are qualified to perform roles such as business manager, employee relations advisor, organisational psychologist, business analyst, or policy adviser.

    Fee Information

    +estimated annual tuition fee for a full-time study load

    Plus Student Services and Amenities fee
    Scholarships and financial aid available if eligible

    Tuition Fee

    AUD 34,120 

    How to Apply

    STEP 1: Choose and research your course

    STEP 2: Prepare your documents

    STEP 3: Lodge your application

    STEP 4: Accept your offer

    James Cook University

    Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Business

    James Cook University

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