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    USD 75 

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    Next Intake Deadlines22-May-2023
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    Duration 4 year(s)
    Tuition Fee
    USD 34,972  / year
    Next Intake 22-May-2023



    The goals for undergraduate biology majors describe broad areas of knowledge and skill. They have been identified by the Biological Sciences Faculty as essential for all biology majors to acquire before graduation.

    This knowledge and associated skills will be acquired through a course structure that guides students through required core courses, flexible breadth requirement courses, and student-centered elective courses in the Department of Biological Sciences. It is critical for students to understand that no single course provides absolute knowledge/skill for a particular goal but instead academic success is achieved through academic integration and retention across all courses in the curriculum.

    Biological Principles

    Upon graduation, all biology majors should be able to integrate the principles described in the outcomes below at several levels of biological organization.

    • Use the principles of gene structure and expression to deduce mechanisms by which characteristics of organisms and populations are inherited.
    • Relate biological structure to function at various levels of organization and in an evolutionary context.
    • Describe the mechanisms by which organisms develop from single cells.
    • Use the theory of biological evolution to explain the diversity of life.
    • Use the principles of bioenergetics to explain the activities of cells and the interactions of cells and organisms with each other and their environments.


    Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills

    Upon graduation, all biology majors should be able to

    • Use observation and experiment to investigate biological phenomena and solve problems.
    • Analyze and interpret in writing scientific information gathered through laboratory, field, and library research.
    • Speak effectively about scientific topics, issues, and problems in formal and informal contexts.
    • Use quantitative methods to describe and analyze biological phenomena.
    • Use technical skills and equipment to describe and quantify biological phenomena.
    • Recognize and discuss the social and ethical implications of the conduct of research in biology and its technological application to human problems.
    • Interact with others in a skilled, cooperative fashion to discuss issues and solve problems.


    Entry Requirements

    • Completed application
      • First-year:
      • Transfer:
    • $75 nonrefundable application fee
    • English proficiency score
    • Portfolio (for applicants to the Hillier College of Architecture and Design)

    First-Year Students

    • Official high school/secondary school transcript in English or a notarized copy
    • Official SAT (use code 2513) or ACT (use code 2580)
    • Optional, unless applying to the Albert Dorman Honors College


    • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended
    • Transcript evaluation (WES or NACES member)
    • Completed at least 15 semester hours, including:
      • English composition
      • Mathematics (pre-calculus is required for most majors)
      • Science (chemistry and/or physics required for some majors)

    Fee Information

    Tuition Fee

    USD 34,972  / year

    Application Fee

    USD 75 

    How to Apply

    • Completed application - NJIT accepts the Common Application for First-Year admission

    • Application fee (or a College Board or other fee waiver)

    • High school transcript

    • SAT (use code 2513) or ACT (use code 2580) - see Test-Optional Admission Policy for Fall 2023

    • Letter of recommendation

    • Portfolio (for applicants who wish to attend the Hillier College of Architecture and Design) - see Admission and Portfolio Requirements

    New Jersey Institute of Technology


    New Jersey Institute of Technology

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