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    Japanese Language and Literature
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    Japanese Language and Literature

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    USD 56,854  / year
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    Japanese Language and Literature


    Overview The Japanese Language and Literature program offered by Boston University also enables students to function effectively in cross-cultural contexts and to contribute meaningfully to the global challenges of today’s world. Students are encouraged to study abroad in Kyoto at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies or in Tokyo at Keio University.Like all World Languages & Literatures (WLL) majors, Japanese Language & Literature majors begin with CAS XL 100 Leaving Home: Explorations in World Literature, a team-taught course in which students meet the WLL faculty through guest lectures and are oriented in the rich diversity of the world’s literary traditions. They begin Japanese language study as early as possible and complete at least two language courses beyond the fifth-semester level (CAS LJ 303). Students also have the option of taking classical Japanese, as well as classical Chinese as it was used in Japan until the mid-20th century. Masterpieces of Japanese Literature (CAS LJ 250) introduces students to major texts in English translation and can be taken early in the student’s program. Four additional courses in Japanese language, literature, and/or culture provide greater depth in areas of special interest to the student. One elective chosen among all WLL courses on languages, literatures and cultures from around the world outside of Japan enhances understanding of Japan’s place in the world. Students wishing to explore more of WLL’s course offerings outside of Japan may substitute an additional elective for one of their four courses in Japanese language, literature, or culture. Seniors majoring in WLL come back together in CAS XL 479, the senior capstone seminar. Students use this course to produce a substantial project in their major and share their work with other WLL seniors working in other languages. The course provides students with structure and research guidance for developing and discussing their projects, while meetings with a faculty language mentor hone students’ advanced language skills as applied to the area of their research. Student presentations build oral communication skills and the ability to describe one’s work to others. Possible final projects could include a research paper on literature, film, or popular culture; an annotated translation or work of subtitling; a video essay; or a digital humanities project. Students producing excellent capstone projects will be encouraged to develop them into senior honors work.Learning OutcomesAdvanced knowledge of major themes and genres in Japanese literature and culture in their historical contexts, including links to other East Asian and world literary traditions.Critical thinking, communication, and writing skills within areas of content and cultural knowledge.Familiarity with fundamental research skills for Japanese studies, including use of traditional and electronic sources.Proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension in Japanese at the intermediate-high level as measured by ACTFL guidelines. I want to find another Bachelor Course
    The Japanese Language and Literature major at Boston University provides students with an appreciation and critical understanding of Japan’s rich literary and cultural traditions and contemporary culture along with a high level of proficiency (ACTFL intermediate-high) in the Japanese written and spoken language.





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    • 1 : Common Application or Coalition Application     High School TranscriptSenior Year GradesCounselor Recommendation and School Report Form   Teacher EvaluationStandardized TestsSecondary School RecordsDocumentation of Financial SupportCopy of Data Page of Passport

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    USD 56,854  / year
    Boston University

    Japanese Language and Literature

    Boston University

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