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    Balqa Applied University

    Balqa Applied University in Jordan 


    Jordan, al-Balqa'

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    Balqa Applied University in Jordan

    Balqa Applied University in Jordan

    Jordan, al-Balqa'
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    Established in 1997, Balqa Applied University (BAU) is a public university located in al-Balqa', Jordan. It has a global ranking of 1415 for the year 2024 according to QS World University Rankings’ website.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.

    Al-Balqa Applied University is an official Jordanian university, distinguished by its applied education at the bachelor’s and intermediate diploma levels, especially in the fields of engineering, and its overall specializations are scientific in nature.

    Founding and establishment
    The Royal Decree was issued to establish Al-Balqa Applied University on August 22, 1996 AD, and the Royal Decree was issued approving its law (Law No. 13 of 1997) on March 25, 1997, and actual teaching began as of the academic year 1997/1998. Its vision is By working to create opportunities for quality university education to contribute to the preparation of human cadres at the university and intermediate university levels, and to dedicate the applied dimension in the various programs and academic levels that it offers. Including directing scientific research activities in the development and development of local communities - and in accordance with what the challenges of the era impose on us in preparing the competent workforce in various fields in order to enable our society to renew and develop, to be able to face the requirements of the future stage with confidence and reassurance, so that this university devotes the applied dimension In Jordanian higher education as a practical embodiment of the philosophy of higher education in Jordan.

    Al-Balqa Applied University was established as a government university, with its focus on applied university and intermediate university education. It is a member of the Higher Education Council in Jordan, and is also a member of the Union of Arab, Islamic and International Universities. The university supervises academically, educationally and technically all private, governmental and military intermediate university colleges and colleges affiliated with the International Relief Agency.
    The semester study system is applied according to the credit hour system, and the university awards the following academic degrees (intermediate university certificate, bachelor’s degree, higher diploma, master’s degree) for various specializations recognized by the Higher Education Council in Jordan and by the Union of Arab Universities, international universities, and all local and international academic bodies.

    Since its founding, the university has sought to activate its capabilities and capabilities and enrich the experiences of its students, relying in all of this on the scientific and intellectual expertise of its professors and relying in this on all scientific and technological innovations and methods, in addition to effective social visions in order to serve all sectors and specializations. Throughout its journey, the university seeks to constantly develop its programs and specializations and to create new programs and specializations in a manner commensurate with scientific and academic changes. The university is also keen to establish new specializations and colleges that suit the scientific needs and various development requirements.
    The university has worked on continuous modernization and development in the academic process, with its main focus being the student, to create a university and educational environment that works to refine and develop the integrated personality and keep pace with development in the various university colleges in terms of curricula, teaching methods, and programs offered.

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