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    Kingswood University in Canada
    Kingswood University in Canada

    Kingswood University in Canada 

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    Kingswood University in Canada

    Kingswood University in Canada

    Canada, Sussex
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    Established in 1945, Kingswood University is a public university located in Sussex, Canada.With a broad range of degree programs, it offers a unique academic and culturally immersive experience for international students.
    Students come to Kingswood University from here in Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world, to meet Christ in a profoundly personal and transforming way.

    They become part of a vibrant community of faith, as they fully engage in university life that seeks to prepare them for future ministry. They grow deeper in their walk with the Master and emerge prepared for a lifetime of effective leadership in their respective areas of service.

    Kingswood, an accredited educational institution affiliated with The Wesleyan Church, offers high-calibre programs of study uniquely focused on preparing men and women for Christian ministry. The Kingswood experience is a highly effective integration of faith and learning based on these three pillars:

    Each of these tenets is a vital part of our mission—to form Christ-like servant leaders for global impact. We offer excellent academic programs and learning experiences that develop practical knowledge, research skills, and critical thinking for the development of a Christian worldview.

    We deliver an unparalleled experience of exceptionable value – and at a cost lower than most other Christian ministry schools.

    As a community of passionate Christian teachers and learners – that believes in Jesus Christ, His Church, and the power of the Gospel – Kingswood University embraces our responsibility and opportunity to prepare eminently qualified servant leaders to strengthen the local and global Church.

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